Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Advice for Aspiring Indie Authors by Successful Indie Authors

The month of October is #PoweredByIndie. And I'm honored to be featured on Goodreads's blog in a piece offering advice to aspiring self-published authors. I was surprised (but in retrospect I shouldn't have been) that the others responses were also things I've said many times int he past. I think it speaks to the core secrets to success when publishing, regardless of the path chosen. I've listed the snippets they featured on the blog, but you can click through to read each author's full advice.
  • Michael J. Sullivan: Listen to everyone, but always decide for yourself. Anyone has the potential to help you become a better writer. It's a marathon not a sprint.
  • Bella Andre: Write what you love! Your passion will shine through and keep you going.
  • Andy Weir: Make a rule for yourself that they only way anyone will see your stories is by you writing them.
  • Colleen Hoover: The key is finding the core group of readers who love your books enough to tell the whole world about them.
  • Hugh Howey: Don't stress about your sales. Just keep writing.
By the way, these comments came from the "Ask the Author" program. And if you are an author on Goodreads and not participating in it, I highly recommend you start. It's a great way to connect with your readers and for them to learn a bit about you. And, if you have questions for me, by all means ask away. It can be about my books, publishing, or anything really.  


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