Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Age of Myth is a Goodreads Choice Award Nominee!!

Have I've mentioned lately how much I love Goodreads and the bibliophiles on that site who are so passionate about books? I'm thrilled that 2016 brings me my 5th nomination!! (Also nominated in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014).

Here's a breakdown for those who prefer text rather than pictures.It's a pretty amazing line up, and I'm honored to be included.

Age of Myth
 Legends of the First Empire #1 
Michael J. Sullivan
All the Birds in the Sky
 Charlie Jane Anders  
Bands of Mourning , The
Mistborn #6
Brandon Sanderson
Bird and the Sword, The
Amy Harmon
Curse of Tenth Grave, The
Charley Davidson #10
Darynda Jones
Fever #8
Karen Marie Moning
Fire Touched
Mercy Thompson #9
Patricia Briggs
Gathering of Shadows, A
Shades of Magic #2
V.E. Schwab
Harry Potter and the
Cursed Child
Harry Potter #8
J.K. Rowling
Magic Binds
Kate Daniels #9
Ilona Andrews
Marked in Flesh
The Others #4
Anne Bishop
Obelisk Gate, The
Broken Earth #2
N.K. Jemisin
 Paper Menagerie and Other Stories, The 
Ken Liu
Iron Druid Chronicles #8
Kevin Hearne
Checquy Files #2
Daniel O'Malley

There will be three rounds of voting:
  • Opening Round Nov. 1 - 6
  • Semifinal Round Nov. 8 - 13
  • Final Round Nov. 15 - 27
During the opening round, Goodreads will be accepting "write-ins" and five more books will be added to the list for the semifinal round of voting. So if you don't see your favorite, consider telling Goodreads about it. The only requirement is publication date and it should be from Nov 2015 to Oct 2016. The second round will see voting for the full group of 20. Then the field will be narrowed to 10 books for the final round. I don't expect to win, being nominated is honor enough, but if possible I would like to make it to the final round. We'll see if that happens.  

I'm not going to ask for your vote. I want you to pick the book that you think deserves to win (no matter what that is). But please do vote in all rounds so your favorite book has the best chance at being named the best fantasy book of 2016. As far as I know, this is the only award that is a "people's choice" (selected based on votes of readers). As such, it is the most important award that I can think of.  


  1. Congrats for the nomination :)

    I hope you will remind us again, when the next rounds start? Yeah, I'm too lazy to remember to go to GR myself. :P LOL

    BTW, did you not have any book released in 2013 (the only year in which you don't have a nomination)?

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  3. I had two books released in 2013 - (The Crown Tower & The Rose and the Thorn) but they were both very late in the year so it made them nearly impossible to get the required shelving to make the first cut. Same thing with 2015. My release for that year came in December 2015 which makes it eligible for the following year and of the two Age of Myth had many more shelvings than The Death of Dulgath.


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