Monday, December 26, 2016

Bookworm Blues Best of 2016

I've been fortunate to meet some amazing industry people over the year, and the fact that many of them have been 100% online hasn't decreased that pleasure in the least. Sarah Chorn of Bookworm Blues is one of those people who I'm proud to know. She has impeccable taste in books, gives honest and insightful reviews, and even when it's a book she doesn't particularly love, she's able to express her opinions in a way that provides for an open door that maybe a particular work just wasn't her cup of tea and it doesn't make it a bad book.  She's also devoted many hours helping self-published authors by participating in the SPFBO (Self Publishing Fantasy Blog Off) which helps to bring high-quality fantasy fiction into the spotlight.

So it was with great honor, and extreme pleasure to find Age of Myth made Sarah's Bookworm Blues Top picks for 2016. Sarah is works tirelessly to unite readers and writers, and I'm so pleased to see how her blog has grown over the years to be one of the pre-eminent site in the fantasy blogging community.

For those who prefer text rather than pictures, here are the books along with some data about the books as gathered from

 # of
A Green and Ancient Light  Frederic S. Durbin -4.10416
The Devil You Know K.J. ParkerBook 2
Borderline Mishell BakerBook 1
Arcadia Project
All the Birds in the Sky Charlie Jane Anders-3.599,702
The Last Days of Magic Mark Tompkins -3.241,008
The Wolf Road Beth Lewis-4.031,583
Everfair Nisi Shawl-3.38265
The Forgetting Moon Brian Lee DurfeeBook 1
 Five Warrior Angels 
The Last Days of Jack Sparks  Jason Arnopp -3.921,071
A Gathering of Shadows V.E. SchwabBook 2
Shades of Magic
False Hearts Laura LamBook 1
False Hearts
Stiletto Daniel O’MalleyBook 2
Checquy Files
Wall of Storms Ken LiuBook 2
Dandelion Dynasty
The Wheel of Osheim Mark LawrenceBook 3
Red Queen's War
Age of Myth Michael J. SullivanBook 1
Legends of the First  Empire 
=Defying Doomsday Multiple-4.5954
After Atlas Emma Newman Book 2


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