Monday, February 20, 2017

Home Alone

It's official. I'm now a 100% certified hermit. Today at breakfast, Robin asked me if she could schedule some afternoon time this week to go to the "bee store." Apparently the queens will be ready in a few weeks, and she wanted to pick out various supporting "stuff." She thought it would be a "nice drive." I kept trying to convince her to do  all that online. I think she's now planning on going by herself...or maybe our dog, Tobi, will go with her.

This weekend, Robin had left the cabin and went back to civilization (Washington DC) because she was doing a few free lectures for aspiring authors: one on audiobooks the other on agents. While she was gone I cranked up the music, had a bit of Irish whiskey, and spent several days talking to myself as I paced around the cabin. I was trying to brainstorm the rest of the outline for my current novel The Disappearance of Winter's Daughter (Riyria Chronicle #4). It worked beautifully. Not only did I get past the minor roadblock that was stumping me, but I have a whole new outline and the book should come together in no time.

When the cabin was made, it was intended to be a little getaway, but now I don't want to leave it at all. Heck, even going to the grocery store seems uncomfortable. Why can't I just stay here?  Well, I guess I can.  Now, that's not to say I don't enjoy people's company, and the two extra bedrooms were made for people to come visit. But I must say I'm enjoying being locked away and writing the book. Here's hoping to get a lot done before the weather gets warm in which case I'll want to be out in the garden.


  1. Man, you are living the writing dream! Hire someone to run errands for you and you'll be all set!

    Meanwhile, maybe I'll try the whiskey and pacing method...

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