Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Amazon's First ARC Review of Age of Swords

I'm starting to see ARC's (Advanced Reading Copies) in the wild (sent from Del Rey). John Scalzi had a whole stack of early copies and Age of Swords was in it, and I know Amazon Vine reviewers are getting their copies as the first review has come in.

The review starts with:
Wow! And I thought Book One was good. I just turned the last page on this second book of the “Legends of the First Empire” series and feel blown away! It’s the best feeling I’ve had when finishing an epic fantasy novel in quite some time.

And ends thusly:
The ending of this book was emotional and extremely satisfying and certainly sets a high mark for the following novels in the series still to come. Highest recommendation! 

I know that by posting I'm almost guaranteeing the fickle finger of fate will make the second review a bad one, but I couldn't contain my excitement. So far only the beta readers, my agent, my publisher, and my editors have seen the book that I wrote in 2013, so as you might imagine, I'm anxious to see what people think.

Very excited! July will be here before we know it.


  1. This is fantastic! I am very jealous to have missed out on a ARC, really looking forward to reading it when my copy arrives in the post


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