Saturday, September 9, 2017

Age of Swords ebook formatting has been fixed

A while ago I mentioned that there was a formatting problem with Age of Swords. Apparently my book wasn't the only one affected and it was due to a change in the program that Amazon used to change a .epub file into a .mobi. The good news is the vast majority of readers were NOT hitting the bug. I know from my own testing that my Kindle was fine, as was reading the book from the cloud, the only place I saw the extra line breaks was on my iPad when using an older version of the Kindle App.

For those that were seeing the extra line breaks, it may have automatically fixed itself, but if your ebook is still showing a problem, here is a set of steps to get it fixed.

  • First: Set your account to automatic updates and then new content should be pushed automatically. This is a setting on your Amazon Account page, not on the device itself. Go to your Amazon account, under Manage your content and devices, there is a settings tab. A little less than halfway down the page, there is a setting for Automatic Book Update. Make sure it is on. Wait a few minutes and the file should automatically update. 
  •  If that doesn’t work... Sync the device, then check to see if the book updates within a couple minutes. You should see it look like it's re-downloading.
  • If that doesn’t work... Delete the book from the device, then sync the device, then check to see if the book updates within a couple minutes. You should see it look like it's re-downloading.
  • If that doesn’t work... Reach out to Amazon customer support (be sure you are within Amazon technical customer support) and explain to them that you know there is an updated version of this file and you have tried to download it, but it is not loading. They will need to push the new file to your device manually.
That should take care of things. I know for me, (on an ipad using the Kindle app) I also had to update to the lastest version of the app. Please let me know if none of those work for you, and I'll put you in touch with the digital team at my publisher.


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