Friday, June 15, 2018

Age of War goes into its second printing!

We've been fighting a battle with flood waters here on the land, so I've not been online much. But I did get some good news today about how well Age of War is pre-selling. A second printing has been ordered, a good sign indeed especially given we are still more than 2 weeks out from the release date. For those who love first editions, you better get your pre-orders in fast ;-).  I also have some books ordered for direct selling once the book goes live, so I should have some of the first editions as well.  

And thanks, everyone for early support of the work. I'm so glad people are as excited as I am. July 3rd can't come soon enough from where I sit!  Now, if you excuse me I have to go use an excavator to install a huge culvert between the garden and the pool so we don't flood out for a third time !


  1. Hi, congrats, Michael! But I think I’m a little slow. If I want a first edition hardback of Age of War, should I pre-order now via my Amazon Smile account, or will I be able definitely to get one later from your site here? I’d prefer to get one from you and treat myself to a signed 1st edition. Thanks!

  2. Can anybody give me some clarification as to why Amazon says Age of War is book 3 of 3? I know it is a six book series, but maybe it is two separate stories told within six books?

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