Wednesday, September 26, 2018

#1 Key to Success - Persistence, #2 - Agility

Joe Solari, who runs the podcast "The Business of Writing" was nice enough to have Robin and I on his show to talk about what we do with regards to my career. As the podcast went on, the theme seemed to be that our persistence and agility made it so we  at least "Fall with Style" when things don't go exactly go "our way."
  • When your small press publisher doesn't have the money for the press run of book #2...revert the rights and self-publish.
  • Orbit won't make hardcovers of the Riyria permission from them to make them yourself.
  • When Del Rey puts the hardcover edition of Age of Swords out of print and price-gougers are charging readers $90 - $190 to get a up all the stock with the help of an Indiegogo campaign and get the books back on sale at $22 - $28.
  • A non-compete prevents any new Riyria books from being released for 3 years...produce them yourself and sell the books directly to readers (and earn better because you keep the high cut that retailers charge).

There's plenty more, but instead of talking about it, why don't I just share the video?  So here you go. I hope you enjoy.


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