Friday, March 15, 2019

Featured Publishing Kickstarter Project

What a nice thing to wake up to. The Age of Legend Kickstarter is the featured publishing project out of the 417 projects that are currently live.

 We have just 4 days left and here's where we stand:

  • If we get another 82 backers we'll become the 3rd most-backed fiction Kickstarter of all time. (and that will trigger the next stretch goal that will provide another short story to all the backers).
  • We're already the 5th most-funded fiction Kickstarter of all time (and I doubt we'll climb higher than that as we'd have to raise more than $118,000).
  • We need just $1,056 to hit $90,000 - that's pretty crazy!
  • So far the Kickstarter has sold 2,216 hardcovers and 1,781 ebooks. That's nearly 4,000 copies! and it's still 3 1/2 months before release.
  • We've scheduled a live stream during the final minutes of the Kickstarter. You can join us and even ask questions. It'll start on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST.
  • A few days we finished the audiobook recording, narrated once more by the incomparable Tim Gerard Reynolds.
  • We've scheduled Tim to record book #5 (Age of Death) and #6 (Age of Empyre) in October, so there won't be a long wait between the three remaining titles.
  • Robin is working on the Glossary and an Afterword (because so many people liked the one she did for Age of War) and then all we'll need is the names of the backers. After we get those we'll be done and ready to roll the presses!
Robin and I want to once again thank you all for the amazing support. We'll definitely be doing Kickstarters for the next two books. It's so exciting to see how much people are getting into the Kickstarter and looking forward to an early copy of the book and all the bonus perks.


  1. I think this Kickstarter has shown how much we appreciate your work Michael (and Robin's too!!). All the accolades and support are richly deserved! I'm just so glad to have found your books and to be able to be a part of all the excitement!

    Best to You,

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