Tuesday, May 5, 2020

So far, so good for Age of Empyre's release day

So, today Age of Empyre was released in audio and ebook (the hardcover is still on the press. And even though it has been less than a day, it's pre-orders and early sales have sent the audiobook racing up the charts. The only Sci-Fi & Fantasy audiobooks that are selling better than it are Tolkien's first two books, and they are also part of the 2 for 1 sale. If the sale wasn't ongoing, there's a chance we could have hit #1.  Given that Tolkien inspired me to write, it's pretty surreal to see one of my books side by side with his from a selling perspective.  Here is the full list of bestsellers.

As is usually the case, these big jumps on release day can be quite short-lived. But for now, I can feel a sense of satisfaction on the conclusion of this series, and Robin and I want to thank everyone who pre-ordered or picked up the book when they heard it came out today.


  1. That's so amazing! Tolkien is one of my favorite authors and I've loved your books since I discovered them within the last couple years (and have read-or listened to- almost every one). It is very cool to see you side by side. Tolkien has always been my long-time motivation to write and more recently, you, with all you've accomplished and the amazing stories you've written. You and Robin are pretty amazing! Thanks for what you do.

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  2. Sorry for the off topic-ish question, but in the Audible forward, you mention leaving one's address on the website in case you and robin are ever in the area in the RV? Where do i do that please?

  3. I’m thrilled to be reading the final book. I don’t recall enjoying a series like this in a long time. I’ve found myself pondering the plot lines over the months and years since I first read Age of Myth. When I was much younger, I recall doing the same thing with the Lord of the Rings. That’s the type of world you’ve created. The past year has been brutal having lost both my father and sister within a couple months. I’d like to offer you my sincere thanks for the comfort your world and characters provided me as I’ve processed my grief.

    On a brighter note, we recently adopted two puppies. We named them Brin and Suri. ;)

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  5. Just finished the last book in the Empire series myth and legend. I absolutely loved it. Right now, I am re-reading the Riyah chronicles. I hope I spelled that correctly. Anyhow, I have A question about the background story of the gods. In the first legend of the empire series nothing was mentioned about taurine burials father raping her. Was that something that was created later on with his brother making up all those lies about him? I cannot remember his name right off the top of my head for some reason. I know, I’m just curious to know. Also, nothing was mentioned about me or your son in the legend of the Empire series. Anyhow, if you can just fill in that gap for me, that would be great. LOL anyhow, I’m going to re-read these books. I love Royce and Adrian so much. Listening to them on Audible. Sorry, I’m using dictation on my phone so please bear with me with all the weird errors. I hope you know what I’m talking about.

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  7. Thank your this wonderful series. It has kept me engaged for a couple of weeks now and as usual your ability to tell a story continues to make me want more. So how about going back even further with the full story of Maribor, Drome, Ferrol, Muriel, Erebus, Uberlin. More on how they came to be and the ultimate rise of the first races would be awesome. These have been mentioned to one degree or another throughout your series with just enough detail to make you want more on them.

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