Friday, September 4, 2020

Questions and Answers!

 I must admit, I enjoy doing interviews.  Oftentimes it gives me a chance to reflect on things I never thought on without someone posing a question.  

Recently, fellow author A.C. Cobble (who I know as Andrew), did an interview with me and today it went live on his site. I've had Andrew out to my house and we often talk about "the business." He's a sharp guy and an excellent writer, and I'm proud to have played some part in helping to make his path to publication just a little bit easier.  That said, I'm sure what I contributed is NOTHING compared to all his hard work, but I was still honored by his introduction to the interview...

"In addition to being the best-selling author that I know, Michael and his wife Robin, are amongst the most generous people I have ever met. There is no manual on how to achieve success in the publishing game, and when someone says there is, it’s because they’re a charlatan trying to sell you a course. Instead, we have something better, we have Michael and Robin. They are always open to sharing what they’ve learned in the industry, and for a legion of Indie authors, they are our insiders and can tell us how it REALLY works."

So if you want to learn a bit about my past, how Robin and I work together, and what's coming down the pike,  drop by Andrew's blog and read the interview here.


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  2. Hi Michael, I'm such a huge fan and I'm definitely having withdrawals from the world of Elan! Thank you for the sneak peek! I can't wait for the new series to be ready.
    While I truly love Royce and Hadrian (yes, like Robin, I too am head-over-heels for Hadrian), I have so many unanswered questions about the fall of the Empire that I can't wait to be answered.
    I know that you and Robin have worked incredibly hard to release so many books in such a short time, and as one of your biggest fans, I truly appreciate all of the hard work. But honestly, I am waiting not so patiently for the new series.��

  3. Michael and Robin: I've enjoyed your stories very much, but wanted to make a comment about something you talked extensively about in the blog. The editing (of all varieties) Robin does is so good, I think it lifts your books above that of traditional publishers. I've just finished reading a series of mystery-thrillers and, while I enjoyed them very much, each book (all bestsellers) has a least one, and usually a couple, of errors that pull me out of the book for a moment. It may be a grammatical issue, or a factual one, or a continuity issue; regardless of what type, it pulls one away from the story. If you've had any, I don't recall it. I'm sure I speak for many when I say we appreciate the hard work you two do to make these books as polished as they possibly can be!

  4. Gah! Finished the legends series, all the chronicles,and the first of the Revelations series (will have the next 2 read very quickly I am sure! Can not wait till the Bridge series comes out, would love to see more of Royce and Hadrian, they just make me laugh out loud, literally. Thank you and Robin for all your hard work on these books, these are easily my favorite fantasy series, and I've read quite a few! Thank you again for very entertaining reads!!!

  5. Michael and Robin, I’m sure there’s a better way to reach you than reaching out in a comment section. My email is and hopefully you’ll give me a moment to make an overture concerning a project that would be a labor of love for us all. Thank you.

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