Friday, October 23, 2020

New Titles added to the Hurt Sale!

As some people may already know, we've been having a 50% off sale to get rid of stock that we received from the Ingram warehouses.  What is a "hurt book?"  It's a book that was shipped from the warehouse to a bookstore and then later returned to the warehouse.  These are 100% new books (no one has owned them before), so they (a) have no markings in them, (b) are not missing and pages, or (c) haven't been dog-eared.  But because they have "traveled a lot" (from the printer to the warehouse, from the warehouse to the bookstore chain's warehouse, from there to the individual stores, possibly back to the book chain's warehouse, and then back to Ingram where they normally live), they may have is some minor "wear and tear" on the exterior.  This could mean a scuffed dust jacket a banged corner, or some other minor imperfections.  

In some cases, these books are indistinguishable from books that have come right out of a printer's box, but they are declared as "hurts" because they go to the "returns" warehouse rather than the warehouse that ships out books that come directly out of a printer's box. 

Now, until just recently we DID NOT have any "hurts" for Age of Death or Age of Empyre because these are fairly new titles (one released in February of this year the other in June), but we did receive some of these now, and so the sale has been expanded to include all six titles.  This means you can now get an entire set of the series that has been SIGNED by me for just $84 rather than $168!

What if you already have some of the books?  No problem, you can buy just one or all six at just $14 apiece!  

I should also note that in addition to receiving Legends of the First Empire "hurts" we also received some of Grim Oak Press's anthologies. We have sold out of Unfettered and Unfettered II but we still have a few copies of Unbound (which includes a short story by me) and a fairly sizable number of Unfettered III.  Each is just $15. Here's a bit about those anthologies:

  • Unbound: 501 pages •  Only 20 copies left • Signed by Michael J. Sullivan •  includes short stories by Michael J. Sullivan •  Terry Brooks •  Joe Abercrombie •  Jim Butcher •  Mark Lawrence  •  Brian McClellan • Anthony Ryan  •  Brian Staveley • Rachel Caine • Kristen Britain • Harry Connolly • Delilah Dawson •  David Anthony Durham • Jason M. Hough  • Mary Robinette Kowal • John Marco • Tim Marquitz • Seanan McGuire • Peter Orullian  •  Kat Richardson •  Shawn Speakman  • Sam Sykes • Mazarkis Williams

  • Unfettered II: 651 pages •  Signed by Michael J. Sullivan (but he DOES NOT have a story in this anthology •  includes short stories by  Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson • Terry Brooks • Megan Lindholm (Robin Hobb) • Lev Grossman • Mark Lawrence • Naomi Novik • Tad Williams • Peter Orullian • Delilah S. Dawson • Jason Denzel • David Anthony Durham • John Gwynne • Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson • Callie Bates • Todd Lockwood • Seanan McGuire • Cat Rambo • Robert V.S. Redick • Ken Scholes • Scott Sigler • Anna Smith Spark • Shawn Speakman • Anna Stephens • Patrick Swenson • Ramon Terrell • Marc Turner • Carrie Vaughn • Deborah A. Wolf
So far we have sold 427 copies (225 Legends books and 202 of the Anthologies), which have saved readers $6,000.  We still have a number of boxes left, so please help us clear these out and save yourself some money in the process.


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