Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Nolyn #3 Bestseller for Fiction Audiobooks for week ending August 6th

So, Nolyn has officially hit the street, and we knew it was going well, but we didn't realize just how well until the Associated Press announced the Audiobook Best Seller List for August 6th.  Nolyn landed on it, and at #3!  Here are all ten titles that made the list.

And while that is exceptionally good news,  I have hit that list a few times in the past. But what I've never done in my 13+ years of publishing is "charted" on Amazon -- until now!

But the best news of all is that people seem to be liking the story.  At least according to the ratings/reviews that are coming in:
It's been so very long since I started writing this book (because all like to write all books in the series, and while you hope that it will be well received, it's an anxious time when a book "rolls out" - I'm thrilled with how it's going so far.

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