Thursday, January 6, 2022

Winter Sale - Save 15% - 50% off


It's that time of year again when we deeply discount our books.  Just a reminder, all physical books are signed and all ebooks are DRM free (and come in .mobi (kindle), .epub (nook), and .pdf (phones and tablets without readers. Here is what's on sale:

  • ebooks: 50% off
  • Nolyn hardcover - 25% off
  • Individual hardcovers - 15% off
  • Individual trade paperbacks - 15% off
  • Riyria Revelations 3-book set - 20% off
  • Riyria Chronicles 4-book set - 25% off
  • Legends of the First Empire 6-book set - 25% off
We also have done a second printing of slipcases for the Legends of the First Empire hardcovers and while these usually cost $40, you can get them for just $31 when buying the books as well. 

We also have a bunch of ebook short stories for just a penny including:
  • The Jester (a Riyria short and comic editions)
  • Pile of Bone (a Legends of the First Empire short)
  • Little Wren and the Big Forest (a Legends of the First Empire short)
  • The Game - a LitRPG short
  • Burning Alexandria - a homage to Ray Bradbury
  • Autumn Mists - an homage to one of my favorite songs from my youth

The sale is running now through January 21st!

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