Thursday, February 17, 2022

Kickstarer Loves Farilane!

We are pleased to announce that Farilane has been selected by the Kickstarter team as one of their "Projects we Love" - thanks Kickstarter! They give this distinction to projects they think stand head-and-shoulders above other projects.  And I'm proud to say we've gotten this badge of honor many times!

And it looks like the backers of Kickstarter are also in love with the project. In its first two days it has reached the following milestones:
  • Most popular fiction Kickstarter project.
  • Fully funded in 18 minutes.
  • First stretch goal completed - all books will have matching bookmarks,
  • Crossed the $100,000 mark in 11.5 hours (only 15 fiction projects have ever earned that much).
  • And it's in an all-time Top 10 fiction project both in terms of the number of backers and funding reached. It's even beat out a bunch of my prior Kickstarters!

We thank everyone for your continued support, and if you want to check out (and hopefully back) the Kickstarter, here is a link!

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