Saturday, March 12, 2022

Author's helping authors - Will Wight's Kickstarter

I've been trying to get Will Wight to do a Kickstarter for years now. He has a HUGE fanbase, and I knew he would kill it. I even predicted he'd blow me out of the water.  Well, he finally pulled the trigger - with a little help from my son, James, who has taken over running my own Kickstarters. I was right:

  • Currently, it's raised over $445,000 in the first six days.
  • It became fully funded in 6 minutes.
  • It hit $100,000 in 1 hour and 45 minutes (it took Farilane 11 and a half hours to get there)
  • It blew past Farilane's $200,000 funding limit in 6 hours
  • It is the third-most funded fiction Kickaterter (right behind the other two Brandon Sanderson projects)
Will is a clever and funny man, and just before launching his project, he posted this video.  Anyone who knows about Brandon Sanderson's record-breaking Kickstarter (largest ever in Kickstarter history - currently at 27.7M) will recognize the brilliance of this video.

Yesterday, "the man" himself (Brandon Sanderson) shared this video on Twitter and Facebook, and that gave another shot in the arm to Will's Kickstarter. It's just one more example of authors helping authors. Brandon didn't have to do that - but the fact that he did shows what a "good bloke" he is as well.  With so much cynicism floating about in the world today, it's nice to see. 

I hope you'll join me and Brandon, and give Will's Cradle Kickstarter a look-see, and if you like what you find, please consider backing the project.

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