Monday, December 11, 2023

A tiny baby crawls onto the front page of Royal Road

More than a decade ago, Robin started doing Kickstarters, and low and behold we found a whole new audience of readers that had never heard about my stories before, and we have been warmly welcomed, and eternally grateful for all the support.

Four months ago, she started a new experiment, to introduce my stories to the 401,000+ readers on Royal Road, a free serialized fiction site where people can read books for free.

Because the Riyria Chronicle books are largely standalone (and only the first two books are controlled by traditional publishers), she started there with these three stories:

Uptake has been slow. Many of the most popular books on the site have tens of thousands of followers and millions of views. In comparison, we have only 86,000 views and 758 followers. Even so we hit the coveted "Rising Stars" list for a short while, and that gave the books some exposure.

Now, I know what you may be thinking - Drumindor? That book hasn't been written yet - well, it has, but it's in its rough first-draft format, and the last chapter posted yesterday.  Now, as a rough draft it's riddled with typos and various grammar errors, but it will be on Royal Road and people can read it for free until the end of this month.

But the cool thing is, that with the posting of this last chapter, the 379,000+ words of these three books changed to "completed" other than "on-going," and because people have been rating the stories so highly it is now the #6 of the BEST COMPLETED list - and since the top 10 show up on Royal Road's Home Page, it may get some more attention now.  Here's hoping!

If you have the time, please stop by Royal Road and follow the book, it'll please Robin to no end to see the number of followers rise.

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