Riyria Revelations Paperback Box Set

Pre-order direct and receive signed copies and a custom bookmark

On September 24th, Orbit is releasing a paperback box set of the Riyria Revelations in a specially designed protective display box. I love box sets (even more when they are signed). So, I'm going to buy up a bunch and sell them directly to readers, plus throw in a signed and custom-designed bookmark.

Now, I don't have any copies of these in hand yet (and I'm not sure of the exact day I'll be receiving them. It's even possible that they'll ship to me on the release day), but they will ship within a day or two (depending on how long it takes me to sign them all).
I can't match Amazon's deep discount (34% - $26.42), so by all means, buy it from there if you're strapped for cash. But I can give more than a 20% discount ($31.00), and by buying direct, I'll earn $10 rather than $3 on your purchases. That's a 333% improvement in the amount of money I earn, and you get signed copies!  I call that a win-win. Another thing to keep in mind, at just $31, it'd make a great Christmas gift to introduce your loved ones to the world of Royce and Hadrian. I hope you'll pick up a copy.


  1. Ordered! I also ordered The Death of Dulgath and The Disappearance of Winter's Daughter while I was at it, since I haven't found those at my local bookstore. Thank you for such amazing books!

  2. Now this is luck! First time I've checked the blog in a while and it's just in time to preorder!
    I absolutely love this series and its reinvigorated my love of writing and world building. I listen to the audiobooks so I cant wait until I have them in my hands.

  3. Hello, Michael! My wife and I would like to order the box, but we live in Brazil. Are the orders just for US/North American readers? Thank you very much for your attention.

  4. How tacky is it to buy your own birthday present? Maybe very. So I’m sending the link to my husband Brian in the hopes he’ll get me a signed set. I have these only as e-books and they’re in my Audible library—I’ve wanted the physical books for ages. Thanks Michael & Robin!

  5. I might have to get myself a set if I can work it into my budget! How much is shipping going to be for the set?