Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Publisher's Marketplace Deal Levels

For those that don't know, there is a site called Publisher's Marketplace where agents and publishers announce when they sign a new deal.  They classify the deals into a few ranges:
  • nice deal:  $1 - $49,000
  • very nice deal $50,000 - $99,000
  • good deal $100,000 - $250,000
  • significant deal $251,000 - $499,000
  • major deal $500,000 and up
The "deal level" isn't always posted, but you can usually find out things such as:

  • How many books were sold
  • What languages were sold
  • Who represents the foreign or media rights
Not to mention a whole bunch of "other useful things."  If you are thinking of querying agents, it's worth getting an account to see who is selling has sold what to where.  It costs a reasonable $25.00 a month.

Tomorrow, I'm going to post about two deals for my new series: The First Empire.  If you already have an account - you can find out a few hours early ;-)