Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blackguards Table of Contents

We are closing in on the final production of the Blackguards Anthology.  For those that don't know this was launched with a Kickstarter from Ragnarok Publications.

The foreword will be provided by Glenn Cooke and the two winners for the submission contest are S.R. Cambridge and Clay Sanger.  Here's the rundown of the stories in the book:
  • Foreword by Glen Cook 
  • Introduction by J.M. Martin 
  • “Mainon” by Jean Rabe 
  • “Irindai” by Bradley P. Beaulieu 
  • “The Subtler Art” by Cat Rambo 
  • “Seeds” by Carol Berg 
  • “Jancy’s Justice” by Kenny Soward 
  • “Professional Integrity” by Michael J. Sullivan 
  • “Troll Trouble” by Richard Lee Byers 
  • “A Better Man” by Paul S. Kemp 
  • “First Kill” by Django Wexler 
  • “Manhunt” by Mark Smylie 
  • “Better to Live than to Die” by John Gwynne 
  • “The Secret” by Mark Lawrence 
  • “Friendship” by Laura Resnick 
  • “The First Kiss” by Clay Sanger 
  • “The White Rose Thief” by Shawn Speakman 
  • “A Length of Cherrywood” by Peter Orullian 
  • “A Taste of Agony” by Tim Marquitz 
  • “What Gods Demand” by James A. Moore 
  • “Take You Home” by David Dalglish 
  • “Seeking the Shadow” by Joseph R. Lallo 
  • “Sun and Steel” by Jon Sprunk 
  • “The Betyár and the Magus” by S.R. Cambridge 
  • “A Kingdom and a Horse” by Snorri Kristjansson 
  • “Thieves at the Gate” by James Enge 
  • “His Kikuta Hands” by Lian Hearn 
  • “The Lord Collector” by Anthony Ryan 
  • “Scream” by Anton Strout
I'm really looking forward to it!


  1. Does anyone know if this will be available on Would love to get a copy but the postage is the same if not more than the book for here in the UK.

  2. Mc23, we will definitely be making it available to the UK via Amazon. It's also not too late to place a preorder so you can get a copy straight from the printer to your door.

    J.M. Martin, Blackguards editor

  3. Thank you for the info. Will wait and order from as hopefully the postage will be cheaper.

  4. speaking of Glen Cook & the Black Company, there have been rumors of 2 final BC books being published-"Port of Shadows" & "A Pitiless Rain"-for many years now. anyone know if they will ever see the light of day? i certainly hope they will as the BC books are excellent imo.

  5. I like how you spelled Glen Cook's name wrong in your post. Nice.


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