Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hello, my name is Майкъл Дж Съливан killed my father...ah, okay, maybe not.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. So, for those that didn't see my Facebook post, I recently discovered that Майкъл Дж Съливан is how the people of Bulgaria spell Michael J. Sullivan. I'd love to know how it is pronounced. That in itself is a new revelation...but I also discovered some covers that I didn't know about previously.

When it comes to foreign translations, sometimes the author is the last to know. Yes, I'm aware of contracts I've signed but knowing when the books are released is another matter.  I apologize to the people of Bulgaria for not being "up to date" on the releases of my books.

But now that I know about them, I'm so pleased with how they came out, and I wanted to share them with everyone else.  So first up are the covers for the six books of The Riyria Revelations. The covers are from the amazing Marc Simonetti.  The first three were done for the French editions and re-licensed for the Bulgarian editions. But then the publisher from France decided to switch over from the "six book" versions to the "three book" versions so they didn't have graphics for the remaining three books. MBG Books was releasing the books quickly and needed a fast solution for the last three book's covers. So they picked some other images by Marc,  of the series and so there  weren't corresponding drawings for the other books. Thinking fast, the publisher utilized some existing art from Marc and all in all they work pretty well.

With a little more time under their belt, the publisher commissioned covers for the two Riyria Chronicle books.  I'm not sure who the artist is, but when I find out I'll let you know.  I really like them.  The first depicts the famed Crown Tower, which Royce and Hadrian scale on their first job together.  The second one I can't tell you what it depicts, as it would be a spoiler to the book.  But those who have read Revelations could probably guess about what "past fire" it shows.

The titles of the books (and series) are:

Откровенията на Ририя » Revelations of Ririya
  • Конспирация за короната » Conspiracy to crown
  • Авемпарта » Avemparta
  • Нифрон се въздига » Nifron rises
  • Изумрудената буря » Emerald storm
  • Зимният фестивал  » Winter festival
  • Персепликуис  » Perseplikuis 
Хрониките на Ририя » Chronicles of Ririya
  • Короносната кула » Koronosnata tower
  • Розата и бодилът » Rose and bodilat


  1. How do you refrain from looking at those and chortling with child-like glee?

    Or do you...?

    Congratulations! Those covers are certainly chortle-worthy!

  2. I must confess I didn't refrain - there was plenty of chortling going on.

  3. Both covers of the Chronicles books in Bulgaria were collaborations by 2 artists, named Olgierd Kolev and Dimitrios Axiotis.

    The latter is definitely a Greek name, but the guy's most likely a Bulgarian of Greek descent, or a long time Greek immigrant in Bulgaria, as his nickname is typically Bulgarian ("Micho").

  4. Awesome covers. Let's see ...

    From the Revelations covers:
    The first could be Medford, the second is obviously Avempartha, the third could be the ruins of Amberton Lee, the fifth could be Aquesta, and the sixth is certainly Percepliquis.

    I'm not certain of the fourth book ... could be Colnora or Dur Guron. But for the life of me, I don't recall ever seeing a giant tree in "The Emerald Storm." It's been over a year since I read the book, though. Was there one? :)

    1. As Michael explained in the blog post above, the covers for books #4, #5 and #6 were actually not drawn by Marc FOR the Riyria books - they were already existing works by him, which MBG Books decided to use for those three volumes, just so that they can be by the same artist as the first three. #5 and #6 might look pretty convincing as Aquesta and Percepliquis, but they were in fact drawn to be the covers of a couple of books by Fiona McIntosh. As for #4 - in France it was the cover of a book titled "Sanctuary", by Alexandre Malagoli.

  5. Well ... I feel silly. This is what I get for posting while in the midst of cleaning house and minding my 9-month old daughter. My distracted eye drifted to the cover art and missed that part of Michael's post. Thank you for your patient recap of what he said. :)

    1. Your are welcome :)

      But he actually hadn't specified what books those covers were originally drawn for - I added that piece of info by myself. :P So you hadn't missed that much.

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