Thursday, July 9, 2015

And done!

Yep, The Death of Dulgath wrapped up today, one day later than I thought. I just had too many interruptions yesterday and I didn't want to rush it.  So what are the next steps?
  • I have to do another editing pass - probably done by mid month
  • Robin has to do the alpha read - and give me feedback on changes
  • I have to incorporate Robin's alpha changes
  • Robin needs to give the whole book a good copy edit
  • At this point the book is ready for the beta readers
  • Incorporate feedback from the beta readers
  • Robin will give the book another copy edit
  • I'l do another read through
  • Then the book is ready for the copy / line editors
  • I'll do an accept/reject on the copy editors remarks
  • The books will be laid out
  • Robin, myself, and a proof reader will go over the books one last time
  • Then the book is essentially done and be sent to the printer and the audio producer.
So, that looks like a lot left to do, but it will go by very quickly. There are some books that I know are "rougher" than others and I think this one is in really good shape.  Of course until I start getting feedback from Robin and the beta readers I won't know for sure, but since this is my 29th novel, I have a pretty good feel for such things.

Onward and upward!


  1. Hi Michael -- I just stumbled across your blog and am so glad to finally get a chance to tell you how much I enjoy all of your Riyria novels. Hadrian and Royce are friends that I truly enjoy spending time with. I tried to draw out my time with them by taking short breaks between books; but having finished The Rose and the Thorn several weeks ago I've been going through withdrawls. Imagine my joy at learning you finished the first draft of book 3 only yesterday! Thanks for taking care of your fans by writing more of their story at regular intervals -- waiting for sequels can be maddening. And please thank your wife for me for encouraging you to continue to tell Hadrian's (and of course Royce's) story. Happy editing! Your fan, Tracy

  2. Hey Tracy, you are very welcome. It has been a great time re-uniting with Royce and Hadrian. I will certainly pass on your thanks to Robin (she gets a lot of that, but never tires about hearing it). Thanks too for making the way to my blog. I try to keep people up to date on what is going on with my writing...and for writers there are some nice resources as well.

  3. Hi Michael! I've been wanting to as you a question for a long time and I don't know where else to ask it and so I'm going to ask it here. :) How did you come up with the names of your characters? Some of them seem modern or at least of our world - Royce, Gwen, Hadrian, Myron, etc. - and then many are definitely different sounding which you generally see in fantasy books. I'm just curious because finding character names is always a hard thing to do and I wondered how you did it. Thanks, Rhonda