Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Has it really been so long?

Sorry all, I just noticed how long it has been since I've made a blog post. Things have been wicked busy...and also I'm on the road which makes online communication more difficult.  So here's a quick update.

  • Robin has finished the alpha read of The Death of Dulgath and officially put her stamp of approval on it. Yes, she had some changes, but they were (a) good and (b) easy to incorporate. I completed most of them yesterday, and will be finishing up a few other ones as soon as I get done with this post.
  • We are currently in Newago Michigan, staying at a lodge called "The Shack" - interesting place, a big log cabin on a lake that serves banana splits every night. We've been swimming, writing, editing, and enjoying a very quiet retreat. We'll be leaving in a few hours which brings me to my next bullet.
  • Gencon!  Will be arriving later tonight and have a number of panels. Schedule is as follows:

I also will be meeting with a few authors and doing a podcast - but outside of these times, I'm available for a meet and greet or just to say hello.  Email me and we can setup a time if you wish.

  • Humbe Bundle - continues to go strong. At last check nearly 12,000 people have gotten theirs and there is a bit over 4 days left.  My sciene fiction novel, Hollow World is included in the bundle. You can get 5 books originally started on Kickstarter for a "name your own price" or if you pledge $10.50 you can get 17 total books and comics. If you pledge $15 you can receive 21!  That's such a great deal - don't miss out.  Here is a link to get your own copies.
  • Writer's Digest course on Goodreads - I'm doing an online seminar for writers and how to utilize Goodreads to help build their brand. It'll be done through Writer's Digest University on August 18th at 1:00 PM (although you can participate "off-line" after this date as well.  Here is a link with all the information. If you can't get to my session at Gencon about this topic, then this would be a good place to learn more about this important venue.
  • Death of Dulgath Kickstarter, is over, but people are still joining the fun (via PayPal), You can check the Kickstarter to get a list of what the additional add-ons are, and you can click here to place an order.  I think we have everything set for sending the surveys. There was a problem with SKU's that Robin fixed earlier today. So should be soon!
Well, I think that is all there is for now.  Busy times and lack of Internet makes posting a challenge but I'll do what I can to keep everyone informed.


  1. Can't believe you're not doing the Heroic Pairs panel! You should come and crash it anyway. *cough*

  2. Do you have any updates on the short story contest?

  3. Don't forget to change the Alpha Read status bar...

  4. @Kate - haha - I saw that! As well as the "Writing Satisfying Conclusions" panel -- Was wondering how Pat Rothfuss got on that instead of me ;-)

    @Stephen - only that we've not started them yet. Planning on working on the submissions while the beta testers are doing their stuff. For right now, we are working on the editing for beta readers.

    @Andrew - did! Thanks

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  6. Wish I had checked the blog earlier. I was at gen con would have loved to have gone to one of the panels.


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