Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It's all coming toegether...

I'm starting the last chapter of The Death of Dulgath and the Kickstarter is entering its final stretch (9 days 14 hours left). Originally my schedule was to finish writing the first draft by the end of July, take a few weeks for going over it, and get the book to alpha by mid August. Current schedule has me finishing up today or tomorrow, and I'll probably only need a week for pre-alpha changes. That means Robin might get the book as early as July 15th.  We'll see, but in any case I'm definitely ahead of schedule, a good thing when on such a tight deadline.

As for the Kickstarter, it did remarkably well over the holiday.  I expected the pledges to dry up to a trickle for July 3rd - July 6th but it brought in almost $2,700. Thanks all for the continued support. That added push made us hit a new milestone. We moved up two spots from #8 to #6 on the all-time highest-funded US fiction projects.

Looking at what's ahead of us, I think it may be possible to hit #4. We are just $3,540 away so that's just $393 a day. Speaking of meeting goals, we are fast approaching Stretch Goal #8 (just $621 away).

It'll be interesting to see how this all comes together. Robin is running an analysis for me on the guesses people came up with, but already we blew by a lot of them so we're outperforming what most people thought we'd end up with.  Thank you to everyone helping to spread the word, your help has been greatly appreciated.

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