Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Kickstarter Humble Book Bundle

As I mentioned in my recent post, I (and a bunch of other authors) have a book in the new Humble Book Bundle.  This one features some of the best Kickstarter projects of all time.  Let's stat with the "Name Your Own Price" books which include:

I have first hand experience with three of these projects:
  • To Be Or Not To Be is a hilarious choose your own adventure telling of Shakespeare's Hamlet. You can play any one of various characters and find out how the stories goes as you make your decisions. My daughter bought this for me and it was only later that I realized it was originally created through Kickstarter. In fact, it's one of the highest funded publishing projects of all time (15,352 backers raised $580,905). Ryan North is an acclaimed writer and comic with a massive fan base. I highly recommend this book.

  • Hollow World - is of course my own science fiction novel. It's about a man who uses a time machine to escape his failed marriage and multiple regrets in the hopes of finding a cure for his terminal disease. He finds himself 2,000 years in the future in the midst of a muder mystery. Along the way he learns what it means to be human, what's the true meaning of love, and what sacrifices need to be made for paradise. Of course I recommend this as well.

  • Help Fund my Robot Army - is an anthology put together by John Joseph Adams, an amazing editor with a whole slew of anthology credits to his name. This was a really neat idea, story-telling through the format of a Kickstarter.  I have a short story in here called "Be Careful What You Wish For" which does a play-off of the Monkey Paw short story most of us read in our youths. Besides myself, there are contributions from Scott Sigler, Seanan McGuire, Chuck Wendig, Harry Connolly, Tobias S. Buckel, and several dozen more. It's very entertaining and each one is a short little read. Again, something I recommend highly.
If you pay at least $8.91 (the average of the Pay your own price) you'll get 8 more books or comics. I'll detail each in a future post but for now know that you'll get:

And lastly if you pay at least $15 you'll get four more books: 

Again, I'll discuss these in more detail in a future post but I should note that The Warden and the Wolf King is the highest funded fiction project of all time - I know this because The Death of Dulgath Kickstarter is sliding into third place - very distantly behind it.

The Humble Bundle only runs for 14 days and it went live about five hours ago.  Still, it's already raised more than $10,600 with 1,160+ people purchaing it.  Check it out and I hope you find something you like.

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