Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hollow World lending a hand

From time to time I'm asked to contribute some writing to a collective work for a good cause. In the past I've provided...

  • My short story, Traditions, to an anthology to help victims of Hurricane Sandy
  • My short story, Burning Alexandria, to an anthology (The End-Visions of Apocalypse) to highlight some new writing talent from the sffworld forum
  • My short story, The Jester, to help Shawn Speakman pay off his medical bills through sales of the Unfettered Anthology
The other day I was asked by the fine folks at Sci-Fi Saturday night if  I could provide something for a bundle they are doing to highlight some of their favorite authors. Since it has a very short duration (just 14 days) I agreed, and so Hollow World is being offered as part of  StoryBundle's Sci-fi Saturday night group. 

The way this works is pretty simple - you can decide your own contribution ($3 and up) 
  • Pay at least $3 and you'll receive DRM free copies of the first four books
  • Pay at least $10 and you'll receive DRM free copies of all seven, including Hollow World
The really cool thing is you can decide how much of your contribution goes to:
  • The authors
  • The people who run StoryBundle
  • Or to one of two worthy literary-based charities
Since it is still 2 months until Hollow World comes out, this is a chance to get the book early - and hopefully find some other writes that you'll want to read more from. I'm hoping that adding Hollow World to the bundle will help boost the overall sales.

Speaking of sales, unlike the other projects I spoke of, where 100% of the money went to others, I will be receiving a bit of income from this.  (Basically all the authors divvy up the income that is attributed to "the authors" (amount/3 for donations $9.99 or less and amount/7 for those contributing more than $10).  I should note, however, that income wasn't my consideration for being included. In fact, I'll actually make much less per copy than un-bundled copies. As I mentioned, the whole point of being in a collective is to hopefully unite some authors and readers who might not otherwise get together.

While I'm happy to lend a hand for this, I don't want to inadvertently hurt Tachyon Publication's sales by having the ebook available for a short window earlier than their print version. So I'm going to make up for it by offering a pretty sweet deal on print.

If you were planning on buying the print book, but picked up the bundle to get Hollow World early, I'll sell you a copy of the print book at a price lower than you'll find anywhere else. Specifically,  I'll sell you a copy "at cost."  That's 50% off the list price!  Since I buy my copies from Tachyon at the same price bookstores do, this means:
  • Tachyon Publications will get their "full cut."
  • Readers will get the print copy at a lower price than anywhere else (as all other venues will want to make SOME profit)
  • Since the book will come from me, it can be signed and dedicated if you wish.
I can't tell you the "exact" cost of the print book at this time as I have to wait until I get copies so I can calculate shipping costs...but as there is no profit going to me or a retailer it should be a deal that no one else can beat.

To get the discounted print book, send an email as follows:

Subject: Story Bundle Discounted Print Copy of Hollow World
Body: Your shipping address - and any instructions regarding signatures - (signed only, dedicated, blank)
Attachment :-Copy of your story bundle receipt

Once I have the books with me and know the shipping costs, we'll make payment arrangements, and I'll send them out. I'll be offering Paypal, Amazon Payments, Credit Cards, and echecks.

So there you go.  For the next 13 1/2 days Hollow World is available early in a bundle with a bunch of other great books.  I hope you take advantage of this amazing offer, and most importantly that you'll discover some new authors to enjoy!

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