Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Would you like to receive Hollow World a month early?

Last July, I did a pre-order campaign for the release of The Riyria Chronicles. It was very successful and people seemed to enjoy the free signed bookmarks and bookplates. So I thought I would do the same for Hollow World. The really nice thing is that because I control the ebook rights for Hollow World, I can send the ebook a month before the official release, and for those who pre-order audio or print editions, the ebook is provided for FREE. So here's a list of bonuses for those that pre-order the book:

  • Receive the ebook 1 month before the official release
  • Receive a signed (and if desired dedicated) bookplate*
  • Receive signed bookmarks (for you and your friends)*
  • Your choice of bonus short stories
  • A chance to win one of three Hollow World Posters

* NOTE: Physical bonus materials (bookmarks & bookplates) are shipped only in the United States. I will ship internationally for those who pay $1.50 to cover costs. Poster winners will be shipped free of charge to any country.

As far as where you pre-order from, that's entirely up to you, and all versions are eligible (print, ebook, and audio). That said, if you buy direct from me, I receive a much bigger cut of the purchase price. Plus I offer a 15% discount and you can have print books signed and dedicated. Here are some links to make pre-ordering easier:  (NOTE: Amazon does not currently support pre-orders on kindle titles unless released through a major publisher. If you need this format, please order directly from me.)

US Audio

Here's a look at the bonus materials:

Bookmarks & Bookplate


Poster (drawing to win 1 of 3)


To receive your pre-order bonuses, please follow these instructions:
  • Complete this survey
  • Send an email to
  • Make sure the subject reads: Hollow World Pre-order
  • If you did not purchase directly from me, attach your pre-order receipt.
  • If you purchased from my store, all I need is your transaction ID.
  • For non-US delivery of physical products, send $1.50 to cover postage via PayPal or AmazonPayments to
This pre-order promotion will end March 14th, 2014 and is open to residents of any country. Ebooks will be mailed March 15th, 2014 and if you buy a print book from me, it will be sent out as soon as I receive copies. I'm really excited about Hollow World's release and am thrilled to get copies out to people a full month ahead of schedule.  I hope you will enjoy the read!

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