Monday, April 21, 2014

Hollow World Book Launch Party!

If you've not discovered One More Page Books, you really need to. It is my far my favorite indie bookstore and this Wednesday at 7:00 PM we'll be there celebrating the release of Hollow World!  This will be my third book launch with them and I'm hoping they have a successful night. 

Indie bookstores are a dying breed but One More Page knows how to do be successful in this competitive marketplace. One look at their calendar and you'll see 22 events for this month alone!  And that is not an unusual month for them.  They are always having someone coming in and something going on. I love this about them. Not only are they selling books but they are a leader in their community and  it's little wonder that they have such an avid following. I'm sure they'll have both Riyria and Hollow World books on hand and I'll sign anything put under my nose, you don't have to buy it there...but please consider buying something to support them. 

So what will be going on at the party?  We'll we'll have cake...everyone likes cake.  I'll keep my remarks to a minimum and have some time for a Q&A. There will also be Hollow World Posters - which have the incredible artwork of Marc Simonetti.  

As well as book marks and a giveaway of a limited edition copy of the Hollow World from the Kickstarter.  Sound like fun?  I hope so.  So here is all the specifics:
  • Where: One More Page Books: 2200 N Westmoreland Street #101 Arlington VA  22213
  • Date: Wednesday April 23, 2014
  • Time: 7:00 PM (probably going to get drinks nearby afterward)
  • Phone: 703.300.9746 
Hope to see you there!


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