Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's HOLLOW WORLD release day!

Which means it's time for another giveaway!  I'm doing this one a bit differently. The other giveaways utilized goodreads, a great site, and doing so really helped to get Hollow World noticed (nearly 4,200 people signed up to win). But I wanted a giveaway that would give people who know me, or friends of those people, a better chance of winning. Based on how I'm doing this giveaway I think the number who will enter will only be a few hundred people...at most. Here's how it will go.

Currently I have 1,248 likes on Facebook. A pitiful number for someone who has sold over a half million books. I attribute this to a few things, most importantly that I suck at Facebook. Anyway...Robin has been talking to a "social media expert" that insists that Facebook is the key to success (I guess my current sales aren't proof of success) and so she came up with a way to get a few more likes. Winners will be drawn randomly from new people who like the page. "But what about people who already like me?" I'm sure you'll ask. Well that's simple. Just get one of your friends to like the page and then you are entered into the contest via them.

You see, I'm going to give away two signed copies of Hollow World, one to a recent like, and the other to a friend of the person who was picked. Both can chose from either signed advanced reading copies (limited print run) or the official book that came out today. This giveaway is also open to any countries even though the shipping is a lot more expensive outside the United States. I just want to make sure everyone has a chance to win.  So click on the image below, and like the page, or send this link to a friend.  Heck you can even do both if you'd like.

For those not familiar with Hollow World, here is a bit about the book:

Ellis Rogers is an ordinary man who is about to embark on an extraordinary journey. All his life he has played it safe and done the right thing, but when diagnosed with a terminal illness, he's willing to take an insane gamble. He's built a time machine in his garage, and if it works, he'll face a world that challenges his understanding of what it means to be human, what it takes to love, and the cost of paradise. Ellis could find more than a cure for his disease; he might find what everyone has been searching for since time began -- but only if he can survive the Hollow World.

“This book made me laugh. It also made me cry. And in the end, it made me think. I highly recommend Hollow World for anyone looking for a book that brushes on and plays out some political and social issues we face today.” — N.E. White, sffworld.co

“Hollow World was easily one of my top reads of 2013...I rate this book highly based on pure enjoyment factor; Hollow World is so many things, but without a doubt, the best part about it is also its most obvious duality: that is it at once a light and entertaining read, but also heavy on important issues and philosophy.” — Stephenie Sheung, The Bibliosanctum

“I'm happy to report that not only does Hollow World establish Sullivan as a force to be reckoned with in any genre he chooses to ply his talent to, it also is a prime example of one of the reasons speculative fiction is so important.” — Matt Gilliard, 52 Book Reviews

“This is social science fiction that H.G. Wells or Isaac Asimov could have written, with the cultural touchstones of today. A modernized classic, Hollow World is the perfect novel for both new and nostalgic science fiction readers.” — Justin Landon, Staffer's Book Reviews

“This is a clever and thought-provoking story, with loads of interesting ideas, some adrenalin-pumping action and plenty of humour...overall an entertaining read with Pax being one of my favourite characters of the year.” — Pauline M. Ross, Fantasy Review Barn

“Hollow World is one of those old style science fiction books I never really expected to see again…I very much enjoyed Hollow World.” —Christopher Mansell, A Writer's Sidequest

“I fully expected this to be a good speculative read, I had not expected it to be one of those rare literary gems that exceed the speculative genre to become worthy of any English literature class.” — Stephan van Velzen, Ranting Dragon

“Michael J. Sullivan has made a name for himself with his excellent series of fantasy novels and Hollow World proves he can deftly tackle science fiction just as skillfully. The ideas are big and the future plausible, this is one of those rare gems you'll be thinking about long after you put it down.” — Bryce Lee, Only the Best Science Fiction & Fantasy

“Hollow World is a must read for all those who have enjoyed the Riyria Revelations and are looking for something different. Engrossing, imaginative and incredibly awesome – Hollow World may be one of the best books of the year.” — Bane of Kings, The Founding Fields

“Hollow World is a modern science fiction classic. It is well suited for multiple reads and I for one would love to take a college-level class discussing the book…It's perfect for both fans of science fiction as well as those curious about the genre. I'd also recommend it to anyone that likes to read books that encourage the reader to pause and ponder.” — Brannigan Cheney, The Qwillery 



  1. As a kickstarter backer, I'm very excited for you and for the book today! Congratulations!

  2. I was thrilled to see this show up yesterday as I had pre-ordered it on Audible.
    I'm in the middle of another story but decided to download and give it a quick listen. I love that you started with a self-narrated introduction to the story like you did with the first Riyria Chronicle.
    Stephen King is the only other author I've known to take the time to address the reader in such an intimate and informative fashion. Keep it up.
    I listened to it for a longer while than I intended. I was lying on the couch, watching my mother who is going though a kidney stone procedure, After Ellis "laughed", I stopped the book. My mother is on pain meds for her condition and I thought she was seeping. She opened her eyes and asked me to continue playing it.

  3. Thank you Joseph - both for supporting the Kickstarter and for the good wishes.

  4. Hey Tech,
    Thanks for the pre-order. I'm terrible in the studio - and I'm sure the editors had to spend way more time with the edits. I'm glad you like the introductions (that can be easily skipped past for those that don't) I actually got a really bad review from one audible listener for having it. Oh well, you can't please all people but I'm glad you liked it.

    I hope your mother is feeling better soon. I've heard kidney stones are very painful.


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