Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hollow World and Humble Bundle

Not too long ago I got the ebook version of Hollow World into a StoryBundle curated by Sci-Fi Saturday Night. I love bundles.  Not only are they great deals for readers, they also provide for cross-pollination and a great way to discover new authors. So I was thrilled my my audio publisher told me he would be including Hollow World in the second Humble Audiobook Bundle. I've been sitting on the news until it went live, which it did last night, and will continue for just 2 weeks.  Here are some fabulous authors in this bundle including:

Here's what's currently included:

You can get hundreds of dollars of audio books at a price of your choosing. But note to get Hollow World you have to beat the average which is just a bit over $9.  With $10 you get The New York Times Bestseller Fight Club.  Here's how they break down
Name your price
Unlocked with $9.34
Unlocked with $10 
And in case you aren't familiar with how these bundles work, you get to chose where your money goes.  For instance you can decide what amount should go to the authors, how much to be retained by the people who organize the bundle, and even indicate a percentage to go to charity. For this bundle the two charities that will be:

So this is a great time to get Hollow World, and to try out some other books. always I'll still provide free ebooks for anyone who purchases the audio version. So there's that as well.  Now how much would you pay? Sorry channelled Ron Popeil for just a minute. But seriously, this is a great opportunity, and I thank Recorded Books and the folks at Humble Bundle for including Hollow World in the mix.


  1. Michael, please tell us about that Facebook giveaway, which you announced... I think it was more than 2 months ago now.
    When will the draw happen? And could you please announce the name of the winner, when it does? :)

    I know it's trivial stuff for you - just 2 copies of a book... But I recruited a dozen new likers for your Facebook page, hoping that one of them will win me a signed book from you. So I wanna know :)

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