Monday, June 30, 2014

Talent and Riyria

I'm always grateful for the emails and posts I see that thank me for writing Riyria...I'm often referred to as "talented" which is a huge compliment...especially since I'm just trying to write books I enjoy. But my writing also, apparently, inspires other talented people to express themselves.

Recently I received an email from Natalie (online handle "The Lucky One") who shared this really excellent depiction of Royce and Hadrian.

You can see more of Natalie's art here. I think after seeing her work she might have to change her online presences from "The Lucky One" to "The Talented One." 

Thanks Natalie, for sharing your work for me and allowing me to post about it on my web.


  1. Michael, please tell us about that Facebook giveaway, which you announced... I think it was more than 2 months ago now.
    When will the draw happen? And could you please (or will you) announce the name of the winner, when it does? :)

    I know it's trivial stuff for you - just 2 copies of a book... But I recruited a dozen new likers for your Facebook page, hoping that one of them will win me a signed book from you. So I wanna know :)

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