Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Last chance to participate in the Death of Dulgath Kickstarter

Yes, the Kickstarter ended on July 16th, but that doesn't mean people aren't still joining the party. In fact, we've had 53 more people join the ranks since it's end on July 16th. But the window is closing, and I can't believe I hadn't blogged about it before, so let me take just a minute to explain.

I'm using Backer Kit to help with fulfillment, and one of the things it provides for is the ability to purchase add-on merchandise like posters, t-shirts and tote bags.  But in order to have these things created I have to "lockdown" Backer Kit so I have numbers to give to the various companies doing the printing.  So, this is how it works.
  1. Using my special Death of Dulgath store, you can chose a reward level and use Paypal for it's purchase.
  2. Robin (my wife and the logistics guru) sets you up an account in Backer Kit.
  3. You go into Backer Kit and answer the survey that provides the "bonus" stuff that is available ONLY to Kickstarter members. Things like having your name in the acknowledgements, getting signed posters and bookmarks, and entering into a number of giveaways exclusive for those who backed the project.
  4. If you want any of the "add-ons" you can add them to a cart in Backer Kit and pay for them from their store.
Once you are in BackerKit, it's as if you joined through Kickstarer, even better as I don't have to pay the Kickstarer fees ;-)

So what are some of the things available in as add-ons?  Well you can see them all, along with the prices for each from this link.

Here's a peak.

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