Friday, August 28, 2015

Release date set for Age of Myth (Book #1 of The First Empire)

I have news from my editor at Del Rey and I wanted to share it all with you.

First, a release date has been selected. The book will be coming out June 28th 2016!  If you are excited (and I know you are), and you have a goodreads account, please consider voting for it on the various lists it's been added to:

Also, if you know of any other lists that it would be eligible for, then please let me know.

Second, movement is progressing on the covers. Tricia (my editor) and the Art Director (David Stevenson) have had several meetings regarding the cover of the book. I'm pleased to say Del Rey has been very receptive to feedback from Robin and myself and we are "on the same page" as to look and feel.

Robin put together a massive undertaking, over 30 pages talking about our covers past, present, and future. It even mentioned the names of a few artists we would like to work with. It's my understanding that an artist has been picked, and it was one of our top choices. I don't want to reveal the name just yet...waiting for confirmation from the art director before I make an "official" announcement, but as soon as I can say, I will.

For those who might not be familiar with this new project, it's a five-book series that is already written. Del Rey has signed the first three books in this series (and a yet to be named book in the world of Elan). Audiobook rights are also sold, and will be released simultaneously with the hardcover and ebook.

Here's the current "back of the book blurb."

What does it mean if the gods can be killed?

In the land of the Rhune, trees can tell the future; raow can’t sleep before adding more human bones to their beds; crimbals steal children through secret doors in the forest, and the gods are beyond reproach. But Raithe does the unthinkable when his father is slain…he fights back. From this act of aggression rises the legend of the God Killer, the seeds of rebellion, and the question of whether the Fhrey are truly gods, after all.

Before the Dark Ages, there was the age of Myth and Legend. Before kings and castles, there were mystics and heroes. Before Riyria, mankind lived in the shadow of the Fhrey, but that is about to change. Discover a new world by Michael J. Sullivan, the best-selling author of The Riyria Revelations and The Riyria Chronicles.

The First Empire is a standalone series, and all five books were written before the first one was published. While set in the same world as the Riyria books, it takes place thousands of years in the past. As such, no prior knowledge is required to enjoy the books to their fullest. For those who have read Riyria, you’ll discover certain details about Elan’s past weren't entirely accurate—the difference between myth and reality. Now you can learn the true story of how Novron saved mankind from extinction and founded the First Empire alongside Persephone, the love of his life.

Books in the First Empire include: Age of Myth | Age of  Swords | Age of War | Age of Legends | Age of Empire