Sunday, October 22, 2017

Final 4 days for the Kickstarter

The Death of Dulgath Kickstarter was a huge success, and I admit that while I hoped for similar results from The Disappearance of Winter's Daughter, I wasn't expecting similar results. We had a huge day yesterday: More than 190 backers came in and pledged over $5,300.  That pushed us to the #2 most-backed US Fiction Kickstarter project, surpassing The Death of Dulgath by more than 50 people so far.

That's pretty incredible when you consider the new Kickstarter has only been running for 18 days and it took 43 days for the previous one. Given we have 4 days left (and end of Kickstarters tend to have increased traffic: The Death of Dulgath brought in more than $11,000 in its final day), I think we'll be able to raise the remaining $1,393 to surpass it in total pledges in addition to the number of backers.

For those who haven't been following the Kickstarter, here is a link as well as some of the bonus items brought in by stretch goals:
  • $50,000 UNLOCKED! - Online, searchable glossary of terms and names. I love glossaries, but they are time consuming to produce. With a few more dollars we can justify taking the time to produce one. 
  • $55,000 UNLOCKED!- Inclusion of a backer's list in the ebook listing the names of all the people who made the project possible (you can, of course, choose to opt out) if you wish to remain anonymous. The name to be inserted will be collected during the survey process
  • $60,000 - UNLOCKED Bookmarks! We'll design up a bookmark that matches the book and provide them to every person who buys a physical copy.
  • $65,000 - UNLOCKED Digital Version of the The Jester Comic and Jester short story. This is a standalone Riyria adventure that exists in both short-story form and also beautifully adapted to a comic. You can see a small excerpt of the comic at this link. This stretch goal will be given to every backer and you can access it from the BackerKit self-service portal after the project ends.
  • $70,000 - UNLOCKED: Screen savers! We'll take Marc Simonetti's amazing artwork and create screen savers that you can use for your phones, computers, and tablets.
We still have two more stretch goals, and depending on how the final days go we may be adding some more.

  • $75,000 - Posters! If we reach this level we'll add 2 posters to the list of add-ons that people can buy: Hollow World, and The Death of Dulgath. Both are 24" x 36" and suitable for framing. 
  • $80,000 - Making of the Disappearance of Winter's Daughter ebook: Get a look behind the process of writing and editing the book and learn about how the book changed from first manuscript, through beta testing, to the final product.

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