Monday, October 2, 2017

The Disappearance of Winter's Daughter Kickstarter Update

Hey all, I've been getting a lot of emails about the Kickstarter project (especially now that October is here.  Some of that stems from some limited and rare editions (which will probably go fast, as well as some early-bird discounts for people who pledge early. If you've not signed up for early notification, here is a link where you can.

  • We are really close to it's launch - probably within a week. Robin is still working on the content page, and I have to record the video. I can't today because I'm hoping to get the final beta changes in for Age of War, but if I get that done in a day or two, I'll be able to do the video.
  • It took Robin a little longer than she had hoped to get me the beta changes to Age of War, and that put both of us behind.
  • Copy edits are due back for Winter's Daughter in just a few days, and we leave in less than two weeks to go up to New York to sit in on the recoding. We are hoping to do some "live" sessions from within the studio.
  • Once Robin has incorporated all the copyedits I need to read it one more time.  But I REALLY like the way the book turned out.
Once we get the page finished and the video done, we still need approval from the folks at Kickstarter, but I'm guessing we'll be live in about a week - stay tuned!


  1. will you be able to get the audiobook 6 months in advance as well?

  2. @Book Stooge - glad you are excited

    @Rogues of Avalon - yep. The audio book will be available December 5th.

  3. It really good news! I was trying to contact their office through the website, but they don't respond, maybe somebody know their contact number?

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