Monday, August 5, 2019

Audio preorders are up, reserve yours now!

Has the ending of Age of Legend left you wanting to know the rest of the story?  I'm sure it has because even though I hadn't mentioned it before, the next two books are #2 and #3 in the Bestselling Epic Fantasy category for books that are coming soon. If you've already pre-ordered, thanks for the support! If you haven't, well here is a friendly reminder, and maybe we'll hit #1 sometime soon ;-)

Here is a link for Age of Death, and another for Age of EmpyreAnd while it doesn't say, Tim is (and has been for months) booked for the gig, so, no worries. He'll be recording them. Originally, we had planned on recording the two books back to back, but scheduling conflicts with one of our copyeditors meant they couldn't get to Age of Empyre in time. We didn't want to lose her, so we asked Tim for his next available slot. It was a long way off, February, in fact, but that still gives the post-production people enough time to work their magic without changing the release date.

The train and our hotel are booked, so we'll be heading to New York in the middle of October. We'll both be "sitting in" with Tim during the recording and take him out for a nice dinner.

And for the non-audio listeners, we haven't forgotten about you. The Kickstarter for Age of Death will launch this month (hopefully next week).  And just like Age of Legend, those that pre-order through it will get the story before the retail release.  We'll be sending ebook copies as soon as we get out of the studio because we sometimes make minor adjustments as Tim reads.   That means you can get the book in October, more than 3 months ahead of the official retail release.

Robin has been reading my implemented changes from her comments, and deemed them "really good." So we are hoping to get the book into beta reading next week.  If you've signed up but not heard, no worries, Robin hasn't made her selections yet, but I'm sure she will be soon.


  1. Already pre-ordered! Really looking forward to the next Kickstarter - it makes waiting for the next book more tolerable. Thanks!

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  2. Tim has done an amazing job. I would have been really disappointed if he was unable to finish the series

  3. Dude you suck!!! That’s all I have to say. On second thought I do have more to say. How dare you end it like leaving me so empty screaming whiles drowning in my own pool of sorrow. I need yo know more now.

    1. Got 'em! Pre-ordered right after I finished Age of Legend! You are an evil, evil man!

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