Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A seat at the big kids' tables

For those who have been "with me" over the years, you know that when I started out I considered myself "the little engine that might." Well, more than a decade goes by, fifteen books are released, and soon you are counting the sales in millions of copies sold rather than a few thousand. It's all quite surreal, and I have to grudgingly admit that the "might" has to change to "did."

I'll admit that when I hit the New York Times Bestsellers List, I thought that would be the peak. But there is one thing that still alluded me.  You see, even though I realize I've achieved so much, I still know that few people have heard of me or my books. Which is fine. I've reached heights that I never thought possible, and I have nothing to complain about.

But someone recently told me that my Riyria Revelation books have appeared on the 50 Best Fantasy Books of All Time List (compiled by the folks at the NerdMuch? site). I'll admit, every time one of these lists comes out I look (just to see) but year after year, list after list, there is no mention of my work. This is one of the reasons I know I'm still working my way up the ladder. But seeing my books there (especially in the company it has been added next to) makes me feel like I'm making it to the "big kids" table. I still probably won't sit down, but at least I won't feel self-conscious about standing with my tray in the same room as the others.

As always, I know this type of success is not just because of what I did, but it's due to all you generous readers who have supported me over the years. So please consider this accomplishment as a joint project, because it's by buying the books, and telling others how much you enjoyed them, that the series has such staying power. So take the time to congratulate yourself as well. Together we keep doing great things.


  1. That is an amazing accomplishment, congratulations! I have read all of your books thus far and am absolutely entranced by the plot details and development in each one. Every time I think I know where the story is headed, a new twist comes to light and everything ties together in a completely unpredictable way. I was wondering, do you have any appearances planned or do you mainly communicate via Reddit/website/email? Thank you and already looking forward to Age of Death!

  2. You're on my Mt. Rushmore of authors for sure. Fantasy or otherwise. (Hmm, all four are fantasy). Congrats, Michael. And, seriously, take a seat.

  3. I'll add to the congratulations. That seat's been there, just waiting, all along. Have a seat, get comfortable & order a bottle of Montemorcey.

  4. That’s awesome, and much deserved! Adding to the congratulations as well!
    You know that few people have heard of you, but every time I’ve got one of your books with me someone recognizes it and makes a comment about how much they/ a friend/ their child/ etc. enjoy your books. :)

  5. Yea us! :) I celebrated by buying my sister a set of all your books because I finally wore her down to commit to reading them. Victory!

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