Monday, February 10, 2020

Age of Empyre's Kickstarter clears six-figures

Well, it's official. The latest Kickstarter joins the group of 7 fiction projects that raised more than $100,000. And it did so in just 6 days!

When it comes to book-related projects, Age of Empyre broke that barrier faster than all the others .
  • 6 days - Age of Empyre
  • 10 days - Change is Good
  • 15 days - Age of Death
  • 19 days - Frozen Hell
  • 20 days - Age of Legend
We still have 10 days to go. Will it surpass my other Kickstarters?  We'll see! We've now hit the first stretch goal so everyone who backs the project will receive 12 of my short stories.  Plus the next stretch goal has been set.


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