Monday, February 3, 2020

Tomorrow will be a very "Big Day"

Tomorrow is February 4th, and that will be a very big day in the Sullivan household. Why? Well, first off it's the official retail release day for Age of Death, the 5th (and next to last) book in the Legends of the First Empire series.

This means anyone who has pre-ordered the ebook or the audio version will have the files magically appear on their phones, Kindles, Nooks, Kobo readers, and in their iBooks libraries. As for the print copies, there was a small kerfluffle related to the dust jackets, and that meant the release date for the hardcover was pushed back by a week. By now I'm sure the books have been moving from warehouse to warehouse and from warehouse to stores, so if you don't see them on the shelves now, you will be soon.

Now in some ways, the availability of Age of Death is "old news" because thousands of people (more than 3,700) have been reading the book since October of last year (because they pre-ordered directly from my store or participated in the Kickstarter). Still, if past performance can be counted on, thousands more will start getting their hands on the book starting tomorrow, and that's pretty exciting!

That alone would be enough to make tomorrow a "big day" but that's not the only happening we have going on.  You see, we will also be launching the Kickstarter for Age of Empyre, the LAST book in the series. You can check out a preview of the project is now available from this link, and it will magically morph into a live project tomorrow at noon (EDT). 

People who pre-order this book through the Kickstarter will benefit from the following:
  • 20% off for a limited number of early-bird backers
  • Receive the story in March rather than waiting until May.
  • Receive signed hardcovers and matching signed bookmarks.
  • Have their names included in the book (both print and ebook).
  • Receive discounts on all hardcovers purchased.
  • Receive deeply discounted shipping for overseas orders.
  • Will ensure a much higher % of your hard-earned cash goes to the story creator rather than middlemen.
  • Provide job-security for rural Virginians who will be doing the shipping
I can't tell you how exciting it is to be close to having this series out to you all. For the past 7 years, only Robin and I knew the full tale, but now everyone can see how it all plays out. We are thrilled that you all will know what we do, and at last, we can start talking to people about the series without walking on eggshells so we wouldn't give something important away.


  1. Ah, the long-awaited reunion of Malcolm and Trilos! This and many other connections will be.. interesting?

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  3. Hi Michael, excited about Age of Empire! It's awesome that you give your readers ways to be a part of your launch.
    I was just wondering How I can edit my name that will be listed in backers when published?


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