Monday, February 8, 2021

Preview: Kickstarter Video

Tomorrow we launch the Kickstarter for Nolyn.  I'm so excited, and so it seems are some other people.  Currently, 646 people are following the project.  Below is a preview of the video so you can learn more about the project. 

Please keep in mind that the "early bird" specials are ONLY available from noon to 12:15 PM EST, so you have to back early to get them. Here are the specials being offered:

  • D(EARLY BIRD) - $8 rather than $10 for the eBook only 
  • H(EARLY BIRD) - $28 rather than $35 for the eBook + regular hardcover
  • R(EARLY BIRD) - $60 rather than $75 for the eBook + limited edition faux-leather version
While we are still working on the cover designs this is what we have so far. As always, the cover illustration is form the amazing Marc Simonetti who did all of the Legends of the Firs Empire artwork, and a good number of the foreign language versions of the Riyria stories.

As for what the book is about, here's the back-of-the-book marketing copy:

After more than five hundred years of stagnation, the heir to the empire is suspicious about his sudden reassignment to active duty on the Goblin Wars’ front lines. His first assignment to rescue an outpost leads to a dead-end canyon deep inside enemy territory. Suspicion turns to dread and then sinks to despair when it’s discovered no such stronghold exists. But whoever went to the trouble of making his death look like a casualty of war didn’t know anything about the Seventh Sikaria Auxiliary Squadron to which he had been assigned. In the depths of an unforgiving jungle, a legend is about to be born, and the world of Elan will never be the same.  

If you've not read any of my other books, no worries, you can dive right in with this one. Each series is based in Elan, but they are self-contained.  That being said, if you do read all the books you'll get a wider view of the past, and possibly even the future of my world.

My past Kickstarters have been huge successes. I'm looking forward to this one being equally good.  Hope to see you there.


  1. SWEET! I need to check your blog more often Michael! I would have been disappointed to miss the early bird (though I did get an email from Kickstarter). I always look forward to your books and you know you can count on me to support your kickstarter!

    I'm sure you've mentioned this before, but any rough time frame for another Royce and Hadrian adventure? I miss those two scoundrels and am going through Riyria withdrawals! :)

    1. So I do have "Drumindor" as my next book (Riyria Chronicle #5). I have to finish Esrahaddon first (last book in my new series). I'm over half way through with it and hope to be done by March. I don't have a release date yet for Drumindor because until it's written I don't want to set one.

    2. Thanks for the update! So if I read correctly, the books in the Rise and Fall trilogy will be released 1 year apart correct? Knowing you, you have other projects in the pipeline (besides Drumindor). Should we expect one book a year from you or perhaps there may be some other works releasing in between the releases for Rise and Fall? I'm asking for a friend who needs to pace himself. :)

    3. That's the plan. As for other books. Since 2008, I have been releasing at least one (and sometimes two), books a year, and I certainly want to try to keep up with that. Becuase I have a full series done (or nearly done) before the first book is released, that means I have several years to write something new before a new "hole" in the publishing schedule pops up. But until I have a book completed, I don't even think about what its release date will be. My guess is Drumindor will fall in a "two book" release year. Certainly not 2021, but it will most likely drop in 2022. I see no reason on "holding onto" it until 2024 - especially since by the timem that rolls around there will be other stories to tell.

  2. I would like to back you again but first I would like to know if I will get the 6th and final book I've backed too. I have been waiting for it for a year now... I know you had lots of problems with the shipping to europe but I still have not read the conclusion of "Legends of the First Empire". I have been so terribly patient and I still want to know how it all ends and of course I will want to read Nolyn too but first I want to finish Legends... Do you have any update in the matter of shipping Age of Empyre to Europe? I've been backing you for every book and I would still love to get something for my 50 US$ from the last backing.

    1. So, the first thing you should know is the shipping process for Nolyn will be different than that for the last two Kickstarters. We will be returning to "shipping each book directly from us in the US" rather than combining all the shipments in one big pallet that goes overseas for shipping. The only reason we did the "combined" shipping is it significantly drove down the shipping costs for non-US people. But of course it meant we had to rely on a whole bunch of other organizations that were interjected into the supply chain, not to mention COVID-19 shutdowns and port closures and shipments being limited to "essential" items.

      While it isn't 100% a consolation you HAVE had the end to the story during the wait for the physical book. Yes, I know it's in ebook, and many people want a physical book, but in a world where shipping physical goods have been more than a challenge, sometimes we have to take the digital route becuase it's all that is available.

      And, yes, I agree, you and everyone has been incredibly patient and if the books were still in our possession we would just ship them direct and take a loss on every one of those orders - but there are now $10,000 worth of books in other people's hands and we just have to let that "play out." We did do a recent update so I suggest you go there. It will give you some added insights.

  3. Looking forward to the rare hardback version. Funded in about 7 minutes by my computer.

  4. Seven minutes? 😎
    It was over $92k when I jumped in.

  5. Yeah, crazy huh? We hit the $30K in 6.5 minutes and $100K in 3.75 hours.