Thursday, February 11, 2021

What an opening day!

So, our latest Kickstarter launched less than 48 hours ago - and what a wild ride we had!

We had some initial technical difficulties with the "early bird" specials not showing up right away, but Robin got them up and running and extended their deadline to 1 hour (from the original 15 minutes). It appears that most people were able to change their initial pledge to those early birds, but if you were one of the people that missed yours, send us a message from within Kickstarter and we'll refund you the difference once the project funds.

As I write this we are at...

  • $129,413 from 2,972 backers!!

This was by far our best "out of the gate performance."  We were fully funded in just 6 and a half minutes, and we hit $100,000 in just a few hours.  By the end of the first day this had surpassed all but one of our Kickstarters (and I'm sure this will take the #1 spot as we are only $7,000+ away and need just another 610 backers.

To put this into perspective, here are some stats from our other Kickstarter (all of which were hugely successful).

  • The Death of Dulgath fully funded in 2 days
  • The Disappearance of Winter's Daughter funded in 54 hours
  • Age of Legends took 3.5 hours
  • Age of Death took 25 minutes
  • Age of Empyre took 50 minutes
As for crossing the six-digit threshold, we've had four projects do this:
  • Age of Legends took 20 days
  • Age of Death took 14 days
  • Age of Empyre took 5 days
  • Nolyn sprinted past the finish line at just 3 hours and 45 minutes!
This will be a very short Kickstarter (ending at: Tue, February 23 2021 7:00 PM EST), just 2 weeks in length. But if you do happen to miss it, we have a way to add you after the fact. The full details of that will be posted after the Kickstarter ends.

As always, Robin and I thank you for your support, and we'll start posting some stretch goals soon!

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