Friday, June 23, 2023

Best Fantasy Books for Beginners

I may not have mentioned it lately, but I'm thrilled to be in one of the best professions in the world. Storytelling affects people in so many ways, and when I get an email saying, "Your books turned me onto fantasy, and now I'm devouring everything I can find," I can't help but smile.

Petrik Leo of Novel Notions does a great job introducing readers to new fantasy books and just did his second Best Fantasy Books for Beginners post. This is great for many reasons, but also because Petrik highlights so many self-published authors — many of whom I consider my friends (and hopefully, they feel the same way about me).

Petrik broke his recommendations into a number of groups, including:

  • Classic Epic Fantasy
  • Modern Epic Fantasy
  • Magic School Setting
  • Cozy and Urban Fantasy
  • Morally Gray Main Characters or Grimdark Fantasy
Here are all 20 books, and I'm proud to have one of mine included in the group.

Go watch Petrik's, video. He has a lot of insights. But to help you narrow down which books to try out first, I've included a handy-dandy chart below which will take you straight to Goodreads so you can check out the titles (just click the book covers), authors, who published them (pay particular attention to the "Self" ones as these are really the creme of their crop and really are worth checking out, and how many ratings and review each book has.

I hope you find this helpful, and I also have my fingers crossed that you'll find more authors to love. Oh, and thanks to Robin, who did all the hard work of putting the about montage of covers and this chart together.

  Title  Author    Publisher   Ratings   Reviews  
 M. L. Spencer Self3,877607
Ryan CahillSelf5,104725
 Raymond E. Fiest 
Janny Wurts
 Harper Voyager36,6871,107
  Michael J. Sullivan  Orbit36,1602,078
Anthony ReynoldsOrbit2,113419
Richard SwanOrbit5,4451,246
John GwynneOrbit27,7464,260
Domagoj Kurmaić
J. T. GreathouseGollancz1,897485
James IslingtonSaga Press1,239279
Dyrk AshtonSelf2,403499
Rachel AaronSelf12,8521,333
Travis BaldreeTor89,41018,695
  Christopher Buehlman  Tor15,8732,441
Michael R. Fletcher Harper Voyager 2,798534
Daniel T. JacksonSelf1,466411
Peter McLeanAce4,795879
Mike ShackleGollancz1,438285
Krystle MatarSelf322142
Nicolas LietzauSelf1,163329

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