Sunday, June 4, 2023

Huge Audiobook Sale - A great time to stock up on what you've missed!

 The release of the audiobook (and ebook) of Esrahaddon is just a few months away (August 15th), and this is the book that completes the entire 3,000 year story arc for the 19 books based in Elan. 

This book, more than any other, is the cornerstone that ties everything together and solves many of the dangling mysteries from all the books, including Riyria, Legends, and Rise and Fall. As such, it's sure to be the most anticipated book to date.  Now, I know not everyone has read all the books (after all, 19 is A LOT of novels), but if you do want to see the full tapestry (rather than just a corner), and you enjoy hearing Tim Gerard Reynold spin the tales, then I have great news for you. Audible is having a sale and you can pick up any of your missing Elan books for just a fraction of what they would normally cost.

While a credit usually costs $14.95, because of this sale you can get all 19 books for the equivalent cost of a few credits.  Some sample savings:
  • Riyria Revelations -  6 books - $15.33 - just a little over the price of 1 credit
  • Riyria Chronicles - 4 books - $12.99 - less than 1 credit
  • Legends of the First Empire - 6 books  -$25.68 - less than 2 credits
  • Rise and Fall - 2 currently released books - $10.55 - less than 1 credit
Even if have none of the audiobooks you could get all 18 of the released titles for just $64.46. That would normally cost you $224.25.  So that's a savings of more 70%!

Hopefully, your collection only has a few holes here and there, so I've listed all the books below. Just click on the cover to go to the page to purchase at these deep discounts. But you have to hurry - The sale ends June 9th!

  Title    Sale Price     Savings  Series  Book  
$5.1186%   Riyria Revelations    1 & 2 
$5.1186%   Riyria Revelations     3 & 4
$5.1186%   Riyria Revelations    5 & 6
$3.4185%   Riyria Chronicles   1
$3.4185%   Riyria Chronicles   2
$3.0485%   Riyria Chronicles   3
$3.0485%   Riyria Chronicles   4
$4.9085% Legends of the First Empire  1
$5.3985% Legends of the First Empire  2
$4.9085% Legends of the First Empire  3
$4.4185%   Legends of the First Empire  4
$3.0485% Legends of the First Empire  5
$3.0485% Legends of the First Empire  6
$6.2985% The Rise and Fall 1
$4.2685% The Rise and Fall 2

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