Death of Dulgath Post Kickstarter Sales Page

Missed the Death of Dulgath Kickstarter? You can still pre-order the books.

The Death of Dulgath Kickstarter is over, and it was a huge success.
  • 3rd most-funded fiction project of all time (worldwide)
  • 2nd highest number of backers for a US fiction project of all time
  • More than $90,000 raised with 1,873 backers
Sorry you missed the Kickstarter, but you can still pre-order the books directly from me. Remember when buying direct, the 30% - 55% that would normally go into the pockets of middlemen comes directly to me. Plus, if you are getting trade paperbacks or hard cover editions, you can get them signed /and or dedicated.

To order, just click the Paypal button above.  Here are the versions available and the prices for each:
  • ebook: $9.99
  • trade paperback: $15
  • regular hardcover: $25
  • limited edition hardcover $50
Also, if you prefer audio books, you can pre-order them from (I don't have the ability to sell the audio books directly).  

Thanks so much for the interest in the book.  I hope you'll join Royce and Hadrian on their next great adventure!


  1. The Death of Dulgath Kick starter is over,Very sad news for all fiction lovers.
    kamal selvam

  2. When will a paperback be released?
    Also can't wait age of myth

  3. Can we still purchase the rose and thorn tshirts?


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