Monday, October 12, 2009

Nyphron Rising: Official Release

You have all waited so patiently, you should be rewarded.

Nyphron Rising underwent a last minute update (just minor typo corrections) but it is now officially out and available. However, for you fans who visit me here, use this link:

to order your book for a 15% savings on any of my books including Nyphron Rising. These books come directly from me and I will dedicate and sign them at your request.

I hope you enjoy Nyphron Rising. It went through a number of changes over the last sixth months expanding and condensing like a frog. It began with one cover then took on another. Some characters found increased roles and two others, who died in the first draft, were saved by my wife in the final as she argued a very good case for sparing them.

This can be seen as the “information” episode, and you will learn a great deal more about Royce and Hadrian’s background. What were mere names, echoed through the mists of the first two books will take form. You will also get to know Arista a good deal better as well as meeting a few new friends…and enemies.

With this release we are now halfway through the series. The characters are in position, and as a reader you should have a good understanding of them and of the world. Now the plot can really thicken, so hang on to your seats, things are about to get…interesting.


  1. Now I can stop checking the site three times a day waiting for the release.


  2. hi
    just to give you the heads up, i just got a message from amazon, my copy of Nyphron Rising has shipped has shipped :)

  3. While I don’t feel the books actually need one, as pertinent information is either explained or refreshed, I have complied here a list of terms and names for those of you waiting for Nyphron Rising who might like a refresher on who’s who and what’s what. (I have eliminated all entries that could reveal secrets to book 3-6. If you haven’t read 1-2 there are some minor spoilers.) Some entries (such as those on the Glenmorgan Dynasty) are never fully explained in the books so there is a dash of new information that will not appear anywhere in the series.
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