Friday, October 2, 2009

Something While You Wait

While I don’t feel the books actually need one, as pertinent information is either explained or refreshed, I have complied here a list of terms and names for those of you waiting for Nyphron Rising who might like a refresher on who’s who and what’s what. (I have eliminated all entries that could reveal secrets to book 3-6. If you haven’t read 1-2 there are some minor spoilers.) Some entries (such as those on the Glenmorgan Dynasty) are never fully explained in the books so there is a dash of new information that will not appear anywhere in the series.

Glossary of Terms and Names

Addie Wood: Mother of Thrace
Alburn: Kingdom of Avryn Ruled by King Armand and Queen Adeline
Alenda Lanaklin: Daughter of the Marquis Victor Lanaklin and sister of Myron the monk
Alric Brendon Essendon: King of Melengar brother to Arista.
Alverstone: \al-ver-stone\Royce's dagger
Amrath Essendon: \am-wrath\ Father of Alric and Arista
Amril: \am-rill\ The countess that Arista cursed with boils.
Ambrous Moor: Sold Allie to Wyatt
Antun Bulard: Historian and author of The History of Apeladorn
Apeladorn: \ah-pell-ah-dorn\ The four nations of Man, consisting of Trent, Avryn, Delgos and Calis.
Aquesta: \ah-quest-ah\ Capital city of the kingdom of Warric
Arcadius Vintarus Latimer: Professor of Lore at the University of Sheridan
Arista Essendon: Princess of Melengar and sister to King Alric
Arvid McDern: Son of Dillon McDern of Dahlgren.
Avempartha: Ancient elven tower located near Dahlgren
Avryn: \ave-rin\ The central and most powerful of the four nations of Apeladorn located between Trent and Delgos.
Ballentyne: \bal-in-tine\ The ruling family of the earldom of Chadwick
Belstrads: \bell-straad\ Family of knights from Chadwick including Sir Breckton and Wesley.
Bendlton: Monk of Maribor
Bernum River: Waterway that bisects the city of Colnora
Bethamy: King reputed to have had his horse buried with him
Blackwater: Last name of Hadrian and his father Danbury
Black Diamond: Thieves Guild centered in Colnora
Bocant: Family who built a lucrative industry from pork. The second most wealthy merchants in Colnora after the DeLurs.
Bothwicks: Family of peasant farmers of Dahlgren
Braga: Archduke Percy Braga, Lord Chancellor of Melengar, winner of the title of Grand Circuit Tournament Swords, the Silver Shield & Golden Laurel and Uncle-in-law to Alric and Arista having married Amrath's sister
Breckton: Sir Breckton Belstrad, son of Lord Belstrad, knight of Chadwick. Considered by many to be the best knight of Avryn.
Brodric Essendon: Founder of the Essendon dynasty
Bucketmen: Term for Assassin in the Black Diamond thieves guild
Bulard: (See Antun)
Burandu: \Bur-and-dew\ Lord of the Tenkin village of Oudorro
Basilard: Two edged dagger with a long blade.
Byrnie: A long (usually sleeveless) tunic of chain mail formerly worn as defensive armor
Calian: \cal-lay-in\ Pertaining to the Nation of Calis
Calians: Residents of the Nation of Calis. Darker in skin tone with almond shaped eyes.
Calis: \cal-lay\ Southern and eastern most of the four nations of Apeladorn, considered exotic. In constant conflict with the Ba-Ran-Ghazel.
Caswell: Family of peasant farmers from Dahlgren
Cenzar: \sen-zhar\ The wizards of the ancient Novronian Empire
Colnora: \call-nor-ah\ Largest, most wealthy city of Avryn. Merchant-based city, which grew from a rest stop at a central crossroads from various major trade routes.
Coswell Street: Food district in the city of Aquesta
Carrel: Small individual study area in a library
Cruck: a cruck is a curved timber, one of a pair, which supports the roof of a building
Dagastan: Major and eastern most trade port of Calis
Dalia River: Flows by Mandalin to Dagastan in eastern Calis
Danthen: Woodsman
Daref: Lord Daref, Noble of Warric, associate of Albert Winslow
Davens: Squire who Arista had a youthful crush on.
Degan: Degan Gaunt, leader of the Nationalists.
DeLancy: Gwen DeLancy, Calian prostitute and proprietor of The House and The Rose & Thorn Tavern in Medford
DeLorkan: Duke DeLorkan, a Calian noble
DeLur: Family of wealthy merchants.
Delgos: One of the four nations of Apeladorn. The only republic in a world of monarchies, Delgos revolted against the Steward's Empire after Glenmorgan III was murdered and after surviving an attack by the Ba-Ran-Ghazel with no aid from the empire.
Dellano: Dellano DeWitt name given by man who hired Hadrian to steal Count Pickering's sword.
Deminthal: Wyatt Deminthal, one time ship captain, adopted father of Allie.
Denek Pickering: Youngest son of Count Pickering
Dahlgren: \Dall-grin\ Remote village on the bank of the Nidwalden River
Dioylion: \die-e-leon\ The Accumulated Letters of Dioylion A very rare scroll
Drome: God of the Dwarves
Drondil Fields: Count Pickering's castle, once the fortress of Brodric Essendon. Site of the creation of Melengar and the charter.
Drumindor: Dwarven built fortress located at the entrance to Terlando Bay in Tur Del Fur.
Drundel: Peasant family from Dahlgren consisting of, Mae, Went, Davie and Firth.
Ecton: Sir Ecton, chief knight of Count Pickering and military general of Melengar
Elan: The world
Elden: Large man, friend of Wyatt Deminthal
Elgar: Sir Elgar, Knight of Galeannon
Enden: Sir Enden, knight of Chadwick. Considered the second best to Breckton
Enild: \in-illed\ Baron Enild, Baron of Galien of Melengar
Erivan: \ear-ah-van\ Elven empire
Erlic: Sir Erlic, a knight
Ervanon: \err-vah-non\ City in northern Ghent. Seat of the Nyphron Church. Once the capital of the Steward's Empire as established by Glenmorgan I.
Esrahaddon: \ez-rah-hod-in\ Wizard. One time member of the ancient order of the Cenzar. Convicted of destroying the Novronian Empire and sentenced to imprisonment.
Essendon: \ez-in-don\ Royal family of Melengar
Estramnadon: \es-tram-nah-don\ Believed to be the capital or at least a very sacred place in the Erivan Empire.
Estrendor: \es-tren-door\ The northern wastes
Ethelred: \eth-el-red\ King of Warric, Imperialist
Elven: Pertaining to elves
Falina Brockton: the real name of Emerald the waitress at the Rose & Thorn
Fanen Pickering: \fan-in\Middle son of Count Pickering
Fauld, the Order of: \fall-ed\A post-imperial order of knights dedicated to preserving the skill and discipline of the Teshlor knights
Fenitilian: Monk of Maribor, made warm shoes
Ferrol: God of the elves
Finiless: Author who wrote: wrote, 'More could not be gotten though the world be emptied to the breath of time'
Fletcher: the maker of arrows
Galeannon: \gale-e-an-on\ Kingdom of Avryn, ruled by Fredrick and Josephine
Galenti: \ga-lehn'-tay\A Calian term
Galewyr River: \gale-wahar\marks the southern border of Melengar and the northern border of Warric and reaches the sea near the fishing village or Roe.
Galien: \gal-e-in\Archbishop of the Nyphron Church
Galilin: \gal-ah-lin\Province of Melengar ruled by Count Pickering
Gath: (See Demron)
Gaunt: (See Degan)
Ghazel: \Gehz-ell\Ba-Ran-Ghazel, the dwarven name for Sea Goblins
Gilarabrywn: \Gill-lar-ah-bren\, elven beast of war
Ginlin: \Gin-lin\Monk of Maribor, winemaker. Refused to touch a knife.
Glamrendor: \Glam-ren-door\Capital of Dunmore
Glenmorgan: Native of Ghent who reunited the four nations of Apeladorn together for the first time since the fall of the Novronian Empire. Founder of Sheridan university. Creator of the great north south road. Builder of the Ervanon palace (of which only the Crown Tower remains.)
Glenmorgan II: Son of Glenmorgan. When his father died young, the new and inexperienced emperor relied on church officials to assist him in managing his empire. They in turn took the opportunity to manipulate the emperor into granting sweeping powers to the church and certain nobles loyal to the church. Nobles and the church who opposed action against the invading Ba Ran Ghazel in Calis and the Dacca in Delgos arguing that the invasion would help increase their dependency on the empire. As the death toll and atrocities by the Ghazel rose, they delivered false reports to the emperor.
Glenmorgan III: Grandson of Glenmorgan. Shortly after being crowned the new emperor attempted to reassert control over the realm his grandfather had created by leading an army against the invading Ghazel that had finally reached southeastern Avryn. He raised and led an army that succeeded in defeating the Ghazel at the First Battle of Vilan Hills. He announced plans to ride to the aid of the besieged Delgos city of Tur Del Fur, after which he would "clean up" the imperial administration. Only he never made it to Delgos. In the sixth year of his reign, his nobles betrayed and imprisoned him in Bythin Castle. Jealous of his popularity and growing strength, and resentful of his policy of striping the nobles of their power in favor of a stronger empire, he was charged with heresy and executed. This began the rapid collapse of what many called the Steward's Empire. The church later claimed the nobles tricked them and condemned many, most of whom reputedly ended their lives badly.
Glouston: Province of northern Warric bordering on the Galewyr River Rulled by the Marquis Lanaklin.
Grelad: Jerish Grelad, Teshlor Knight and first Guardian of the Heir
Gribbon: The flag of Mandalin Calis
Grigoles: \gry-holes\author of Grigoles Treatise on Imperial Common Law
Grumon: \grum-on\Mason Grumon, blacksmith in Medford.
Gusak: Tenkin, in the Ghazel language
Gutaria: \goo-tar-ah\The secret Nyphron prison designed to hold one prisoner
Gemkey: A jem that opens a gemlock
Gemlock: A dwarven invention that seals a container and can only be opened with a precious gem of the right type and cut.
Greatsword: a long sword designed to be held with both hands
Harkon: Harkon Blue, the name of a ship that wrecked off the coast of Galeannon.
Heslon: Monk of Maribor, great cook
Highcourt: Highcourt Fields. Once the site of the supreme noble judicial court of law in Avryn. Held bi-yearly at Wintertide and Summersrule, the procedures frequently defaulted to trial by combat. The court drew spectators and evolved into the most prestigious world tournament event.
Hilfred: Bodyguard of the Princess Arista
Himbolt: Baron of Melengar
Hintindar: Small manorial village in Rhenydd
Hoyte: One time First Officer of the Black Diamond.
Heldaberry: Wild growing fruit often used to make wine
Indicolite: a gemstone; a rare, deep blue variety of Elbaite which is itself one of the Tourmaline family.
Jerish: (See Grelad)
Jerl: Lord Jerl, neighbor of the Pickerings known for his prize winning hunting dogs
Kharoll: Long dagger
Kilnar: City in the south of Rhenydd
Krindel: Prelate of the Nyphron church and historian
Lanaklin: Ruling family of Glouston.
Lanksteer: Capital city of the Lordium Kingdom of Trent
Lankster: Forest in Melengar
Lasinda: Queen Enjuare DeLorken, ruler of Calis
Lenare: Lady Lenare Pickering, daughter of Count Pickering
Lingard: Capital city of Relison, kingdom of Trent
Lothomad: Lothomad the Bald, King of Lordium, Trent. Lordium expanded its kingdom's territory dramatically following the collapse of the Steward's Reign, pushing south through Ghent into Melengar where Brodric Essendon defeated Lothomad the Bald in the battle of Drondil Fields in 2545.
Lugger: Small fishing boat rigged with one or more lugsails
Mandalin: \man-dah-lynn\Capital of Calis
Manzant: \man-zahnt\Infamous prison and salt mine located Manzar, Maranon.
Maranon: \mar-ah-non\Kingdom in Avryn Ruled by Vincent and Regina
Maribor: \mar-eh-bore\God of Men
Mauvin: \maw-vin\Eldest of Count Pickering's sons
McDern: Family in Dahlgren, Dillon McDern is the town's blacksmith
Melengar: \mel-in-gar\Kingdom in Avryn, ruled by Alric
Melengarians: residents of Melengar
Mercs: Mercenaries
Montemorcey: \mont-eh-more-ah-sea\Excellent wine imported through the Vandom Spice Company
Murthas: \mirth-us\Sir Murthas knight of Alburn
Merlons: A solid section between two crenels in a crenellated battlement
Motte: a manmade hill
Nareion: \nare-e-on\Last Emperor of the Novronian empire
Nevrik: \nehv-rick\Son of Nareion, the heir who went into hiding
Nidwalden River: Marks the eastern border of Avryn and the start of the Erivan realm
Novron: Savior of Mankind. Son of the God Maribor. The demi-god who defeated the elven army in The Great Elven Wars. Founder of the Novronian Empire. Builder of Percepliquis. The first Emperor of the Novronian Empire.
Novronian: \nov-ron-e-on\Pertaining to Novron
Nyphron Church: the worshipers of Novron and Maribor his father.
Nyphrons: \nef-ron\Devote members of the church
Oberdaza: \oh-ber-daz-ah\Tenkin witchdoctor
Parthaloren Falls: \path-ah-lore-e-on\The great cataracts on the Nidwalden near Avempartha
Percepliquis: \per-sep-lah-kwiss\The ancient city and capital of the Novronian Empire named for the wife of Novron who refused to leave her home village causing Novron to build the capital around it.
Pickering: Noble family of Melengar and rulers of Galilin. Count Pickering is known to be the best swordsman in Avryn and believed to use a magic sword.
Pickilerinon: Seadric, who shortened the family name to Pickering
Plesieantic Incantation: \plass-e-an-tic\A tool used in the Art to draw power from nature
Praleon guard: \pray-lee-on\Bodyguards to the King in Ratibor
Pauldron: A piece of armor covering the shoulder at the junction of the body piece and the arm piece
Planchette: Footrest for a woman's sidesaddle
Quintain: Training for the joust where the rider can be knocked out of his saddle if he misses
Ratibor: Capital of the kingdom of Rhenydd
Rendon: Baron of Melengar
Renian: \rhen-e-ahn\Childhood friend of Myron
Rentinual: Tobis Rentinual, history professor at Sheridan university
Rhelacan: \rell-ah-khan\The great sword that Maribor tricked Drome into forging and Ferrol into enchanting and gave the weapon to Novron to defeat and subdue the elves with it.
Rhenydd: \ren-yehnid\Kingdom of Avryn, ruled by King Urith
Rilan Valley: Fertile land that separates Glouston and Chadwick
Rionillion: The name of the city that first stood on the site of Aquesta but was destroyed during the civil wars that occurred after the fall of the Novronian Empire
Riyria: \rye-ear-ah\Elvish for two, a team or a bond
Rolandue: \roll-on-due\City in Calis
Roswort: King of Dunmore
Russel Bothwick: Farmer in Dahlgren
Rondel: a common type of stiff-bladed dagger with a round handgrip
Saldur: Bishop of Medford
Salifan: A fragrant wild plant used in incense
Sarap: Meeting place or Talking place in the Tenkin language
Senon Upland: A highland plateau overlooking Chadwick
Seret: \sir-ett\The knights of Nyphron. The military arm of the church first formed by Lord Darius Seret, who was charged with finding the Heir of Novron by the Patriarch Venlin
Skillygalee: \Skil`li-ga-lee\ n. A kind of thin, weak broth or oatmeal porridge
Summersrule: Popular mid-summer holiday celebrated with picnics, dances, feasts and jousting tournaments.
Spadone: A long two-handed sword with a tapering blade and an extended flange ahead of the hilt allowing for an extended variety of fighting maneuvers. Due to the length of the handgrip and the flange that provides its own barbed hilt, the sword provides a number of additional hand placements permitting the sword to be used similarly to a quarterstaff as well as a powerful cleaving weapon. The spadone is the traditional weapon of a skilled knight.
Surcoats: A tunic worn over a knight's armor
Tarenth: Bishop of Alburn
Tarin Vale: a small town near Aquesta, in the kingdom of Warric
Tek'chin: the single fighting discipline of the Teshlor Knights that was preserved by the Knights of the Fauld and handed down to the Pickerings at the death of the last Knight of the Fauld.
Tenkin: The community of humans living in the manner of Ghazel and suspected of having Ghazel blood
Terlando Bay: the harbor of Tur Del Fur
Teshlor: The legendary knights of the Novronian Empire. The greatest warriors to have ever lived.
Theron Wood: Father of Thrace Wood, Farmer of Dahlgren.
Tiliner: A superior side-sword used frequently by mercenaries in Avryn
Tolin Essendon: Son of Brodric, who moved the capital to Medford and built Essendon castle.
Torsonic: Torque producing, as in the cable used in crossbows
Trumbul: Baron Trumbul, mercenary
Tur: Small legendary village believed to have once been in Delgos and the site of the first recorded visit of Kile. The mythic source of great weapons.
Tartane: a small ship used both as a fishing ship and for coastal trading. A tartane has a single mast on which is rigged a large lateen sail, and with a bowsprit and fore-sail. When the wind is aft a square sail is was generally hoisted like a cross jack.
Tenent: The most common form of semi-standard international currency. Coins of gold, silver and copper stamped with the likeness of the King of the realm where it was minted.
Tulan: a tropical plant found in south eastern Calis. Used in religious ceremonies, the leaves are dried and burned as offerings to the god Uberlin. The smoke of the leaves can also be inhaled to induce visions.
Uberlin: The god of Dacca, the Ghazel and the other creatures of darkness
Urith: King of Ratibor
Urlineus: The last of the Novronian Empire cities to fall. Located in eastern Calis it fell to the constant attacks of the Ghazel. With its collapse it became the gateway for the Ghazel into Calis.
Ulurium Fountain: Great sculptured fountain at the end of the Grand Mar, before the palace in Percepliquis
Valin: Lord Valin an elderly knight of Melengar known for his valor and courage, but never for his strategic skills.
Vandon: Port city of Delgos, home to the Vandom Spice Company, which began as a pirate haven until Delgos became a Republic, when it became a legitimate business.
Venlin: Patriarch of the Nyphron Church during the fall of the Novronian Empire
Vernes: Port city at the mouth of the Bernum River
Vintu: Natives tribe of Calis
Villein: a person who is bound to the land and owned by the feudal lord
Warric: Kingdom of Avryn ruled by Ethelred
Wesbaden: Major trade port city of Calis
Westbank: Newly formed province of Dunmore
Westerlands: The unknown frontier to the west.
Wicend: \why-send\ The farmer in Melengar who lends his name to the ford that crosses the Galewyr into Glouston.
Wintertide: The chief holiday, held in mid winter, celebrated by feasts and jousts.
Wylin: \why-lynn\Master-at-arms at Essendon castle
Wherry: Light rowboat for use in racing or for transporting goods and passengers in inland waters and harbors


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