Saturday, October 17, 2009

SF Site Reviews The Crown Conspiracy

SF Site is a webzine established in 1996, and based in Canada. It publishes reviews of science fiction and fantasy books, films, and television. In 2002, it won the Locus Award for best science fiction webzine. And...

This month it reviewed The Crown Conspiracy.



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  4. While I don’t feel the books actually need one, as pertinent information is either explained or refreshed, I have complied here a list of terms and names for those of you waiting for Nyphron Rising who might like a refresher on who’s who and what’s what. (I have eliminated all entries that could reveal secrets to book 3-6. If you haven’t read 1-2 there are some minor spoilers.) Some entries (such as those on the Glenmorgan Dynasty) are never fully explained in the books so there is a dash of new information that will not appear anywhere in the series.
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