Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Talked With Moses

Moses Siregar III of Adventures in SciFi Publishing that is, what did you think?

It was about the time that news of the deal with Orbit was becoming public, and Moses invited me to do an audio interview. We had a good time, but since he did not air the interview for several months afterward, I forgot about it.

Today I noticed a thread comment on the SFFWorld forum that had a link to the interview. (Posted July 1.) For kicks and giggles, I listened. It had been so long I forgot what was discussed and found myself completely transfixed with the discussion. Usually I cringe listening to myself speak, but I thought I had done fairly well.

In the broadcast I discuss everything from the origins of the word Riyria, to what the future holds for Royce and Hadrian and my writing career.

So if you are interested in hearing me speak, or if you just have an hour to kill—yeah it lasted an hour, can you believe that—try this link and look for the little speaker icon below the books.


  1. Chiming in, here - just wanted to let you know that I listened to this interview when it first aired on AISFP. Tremendous information from a successful author's perspective. Robin is a great support for your career - lucky guy, you are!

  2. Thanks, but be careful. If Robin hears people talking about her like that, she might wonder why she's still with me and consider trading up.

  3. I am very much looking forward to reading Antithesis and the thought process behind Revelations was enlightening.

    Good interview! I have my first “live” interview coming up in September and I’m pretty nervous about it. You handled your with aplomb.


  4. Thanks for the mention on your blog, Michael! Looking forward to reading the books.


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