Saturday, August 27, 2011

Still Alive

We survived Death Valley, and the earthquake, but the hurricane is playing havoc with air travel, so instead of flying home today, Robin, my son James and I are wandering aimlessly in the American Southwest.

We crossed the Mojave desert yesterday and had an "exciting" adventure last night where we took a wrong turn and found ourselves low on gas on a treacherous mountain road as the sun was setting. The road was one of these twisting no guardrail, sheer drops that nearly gave Robin a heart attack and prompted my son to declare it to be the highlight of the trip so far.

I am now making this post from the lobby of a Comfort Inn somewhere near Edwards Air Force Base.

I am writing this post on my iPad, which is near impossible to do. Jamie Rubin does this all the time, but I was unable to upload a photo without the help of Robin's computer. So be even more forgiving of errors.

Sorry but I won't be able to make my usual Writing Advice post tomorrow. Wifi has been sketchy out here, and today we will be heading up into the mountains so I doubt I will be able to broadcast.


  1. Given the fact that it was very easy for me to update my blog from my iPad, I'd suggest either (a) your blog provider does not provide a good interface for mobile/tablet devices; (b) user error; or (c) both. But I'll let you choose. :-)

  2. Glad you're still with us, "Hoss."

    I suspect it'll be a couple of days before you manage to get a flight back to the swamp.


  3. Reduced to using iPhone now. Problem was not having a) a post friendly app b) b) a means to reduce the size of the photos I took. I fixed one but not the other.

    Thanks Nathan.

    And I hope everyone on the Eastern Seaboard is faring well tonight.

  4. I like the hat. I farm so I am outside all the time and wear a cowboy hat too. Yours is cooler though. Mine is kinda ratty and ugly after years of service. What app do you use to do posts from the iPhone? it never occured to me to try before.

  5. Wendy,

    Since my blog is on blogger, the problem I had was that I could not scroll inside the text box when making a post on Blogger. Also it required that I first upload an image to the web in order to obtain a URL to post it in the blog. This made blogging on the road near impossible from my iPad.

    Then I found Blogpress. This app improves the typing interface tremendously and allows for direct uploads to the blogger site. But I still had one problem. All my photos were huge and I needed a means of downsizing them before posting. For this I found iResize another app that allows you to resize several photos very quickly.

    These two apps combined made it possible to create posts. Still I have issues because Blogpress doesn't support italics and other formatting controls, and I can't seem to have much say over the size of how my photos appear on the blog. So it works, just not real well.

    Here is a good example. I can't scroll up to proof read this comment because I have written too much to be contained in the little posting window, and I can't scroll the test in the window, only the page itself. I hope it came out okay.

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