Thursday, August 11, 2011

No, Really, I Have a Spine

In a previous comment it was mentioned that there was no reference on the Orbit UK cover indicating that the books were part of a series. This was a huge problem with the original release of Crown as AMI refused to have any indication on the book that it was part of a series. They were concerned that no one would buy it until all the books had been released. This was a real fear as I know several of you who refused to start the series until all the books were out...or at least supposed to be out. Although some of you actually bought the books and left them unread. Talk about faith.

As a result of the AMI release of Crown I suspect there are a good number of folks out there that have no idea Avempartha exists. That's not likely to happen this time as each book has a sample of the next book inside, and as you can see, the volume is clearly noted on the spine.

It would also make a pretty good bookmark as well, don't you think?

And as you can see, the book will have a sizable weight, making it possible to dodge the slings and arrows of, "the book is too darn short!"

Twice the book for less money than the originals, not a bad deal.


  1. That would make a good bookmark. Are you hinting at something?

  2. Ooohhh - I would LOVE one of these bookmarks, if you decide to make some available. That cover is enchanting.

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